Website Provides Unfettered Interview Exchange For Independent Musicians And Their Fans

Website Provides Unfettered Interview Exchange For Independent Musicians And Their Fans

Uncensored Interview ( officially announced its launch. The site is the first of its kind, dedicated to giving independent musicians and their fans a voice through an interactive interface. Via streaming video, Uncensored Interview showcases interviews with indie bands across all genres.

“The truth is, indie music fans just don’t have outlets like TV and radio to access the indie musician world,” said Marisa Bangash, founder of Uncensored Interview. “Today, the internet is the place for art, ideas and intimacy to be exchanged. Uncensored Interview is the site for indie artists, fans and music aficionados to experience, learn, express, unite, and debate.”

Uncensored Interview provides a needed channel for bands to reach to fans, express their feelings and share themselves beyond their music. It is a forum where theplatonicband/fan relationship which thrives in the indie music world is respected and allowed to grow.

Uncensored Interview recognizes that passive is out when it comes to online behavior and encourages users to “talk back” to the bands and share their views via video. The interviews captured highlight the indie artist’s opinions and ideas. Then a grassroots, non-linear video conversation becomes the name of the game. The uncensored interviews produced for the site and user-generated content known as “v-sponses” create a forum for the two parties to interact on topics ranging from global warming to sex with fans to the state of the music industry.

“With the major labels failing, airwaves filled with disposable music and cookie cutter artists being pushed as the next big thing – fans need a way to cut through the clutter,” said Bangash. “Uncensored Interview is a reference point for people to find the diamonds in the rough.”

Artists interviewed also talk about what they know best and why they are recognized – their music. More than just commentary on their own albums, bands converse about everything that affects their lives as musicians, including touring, influences, the music industry, media and challenges they face. Some of the content also serves as advice for aspiring musicians.

Uncensored Interview’s videos encompass broader social issues as well since artists develop their work based on their experiences as individuals. To capture what compels each artist and share it with fans introduces a new way for the two parties to connect.

The Interview Process: Step by Step

* Starts with a simple thought shared by the indie artists captured and published by Uncensored Interview producers.
* Videos featuring the indie artist are published online and are ready for viewing.
* Socially aware individuals, indie artists, fans, music aficionados and the bands themselves interact by uploading their own videos in response (the v-sponses) to the original band videos or to other v-sponses.
* The end result – video conversations that are interactive, intellectual, meaningful, ever-changing and uncensored.

Videos on Uncensored Interview are classified into several channels, delivering content based on the user’s preference; whether by genre or by area of interest. Interviews take place in locations where the artist feels most comfortable – a favorite bar, rehearsal space or even a toilet seat. From here, artists speak in an unrestricted environment, enabling their fans to get a voyeuristic glimpse into their worlds. Uncensored Interview doesn’t string together pieces of the interview to create an enhanced image of the artists; but instead provides raw, truthful moments as they happen. Url:

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