Boys Like Girls Get Love Drunk

Three years have come and gone and what was done between the time span well writing and creating brand new music of course from a wide range of various artists and bands alike. One act being a pop rock sensation that grasped the world within the palm of their hands soon after the release of their self-titled debut back in 2006. But now that – that time has come and gone, the next round of creation is upon is in an entitled effort known as “Love Drunk”.

This follow-up takes the rock set that was presented and does a 180 degree turn into the pop direction? These modern pop rockers were indeed considered a pop rock sensation from all of their musical spectrums found upon their previous attempts – but this time they’ve taken the “pop” genre to a higher standard. Their first single being the title track proved that their former hit “The Great Escape,” was just a glimpse into the musical direction that these Boston goers were aiming towards. That being said, a chiming lead guitar riff comes thundering in reminding us of their other smash hit “Thunder,” taking us back to that past lifestyle.

The introduction kicks in, taking this pop rock roller coaster ride into a spiraling sensation completely reminding you of those poppy bouncy teenagers getting caught up within the poppy chorus that grasps upon their hearts and souls. Many bands tend to abuse the key changes when formatting their songs, giving them that mainstream flair. The amazing swing found throughout this album, captures the missing fillings found within each song played. Causing this record to maintain to their pop-rock sound just like their previous works, not lacking of substance or originality whatsoever. “Two Better Than One,” strikes the proper chord being the most beautiful acoustic song to feature the rhythm guitar and vocal effects their front man, Martin Johnson could ever express.

Whereas the more back tracked tunes “Contagious,” and “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World,” go back into the direction these poppy goers had wanted and maintain to establish when it comes down to formatting music. The instrumental flair rises upward causing an overheating mixture of guitar leads and catchy riffs with catchy chorus to take you over from start to finish. Boys Like Girls may have been gone for three long years but have returned with a more matured sound and style to balance it evenly and according to what they had intended to do.

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