Hiss of Atrocities’s Rituals of the Lost

Hiss of Atrocities or (HOA) for short, formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2005, thus causing these metal masters to display their own creativity in their best format possibly – consisting purely of high powering drum tactics, blended in well with unrelenting guitar riffs with expecting guitar solos thrown in between, pouring out this sound fueled by a high pulsing energy that cannot be explained.

But perhaps there is one way to explain it and that’s through the 12-tracks that have been engraved upon HOA’s latest album “Rituals Of The Lost” a combination of melodic metal sound waves mixed in with fast overlapping beatings of thrash metal entangled with the death metal attitude. In short the vocal chords are death metal inspired with their growls and shouts slithering around the music in the backdrop allowing the guitars to craft their own creative riffs with ground-breaking solos that rattle the music straight to the core perspective.

HOA delivers when it comes to “Cost Me Everything,” “Rituals of Sufferance,” and “Empty Earth,” a selection of tunes that make the music stand out the most really capturing HOA’s musical essence and vibrations that never seems to get old but add this refreshing texture you can always fall back upon.

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