Misguided Aggression

Misguided Aggression

Misguided Aggression is the newest metal band in the music scene and is ripping apart your skin from your skull and letting your body parts fly with its terrorizing 8-track killer album “Hatchala.” Following the releases of three other recordings “Fear No Evil,” (2005) “Our Savior?s Daydream,” (2006) and “The Beast Coast Tour,” EP (2007) Misguided Aggression has successfully made their rightful place and themselves known. So now that the stage is set and ready to rumble and outrage its audiences what more could you want out of it? Why not some music to go along with the stage set up? Opening up with the title track shows the band’s style instantly not missing a beat at all having the drumming beatings do all the work lets the guitars create their own style and skill of unique riffs and crafty solos letting the vocals slither their way in and out of the instruments. “Pigs in the Market,” keeps up that fast based tone and beating of the drums the vocals and drums beating against one another not wanting to stop. They bring out a style that Lamb of God is known to create having rough and aggressive vocals which beat against the instruments creating a style of music you can easily relate too, letting this track sound a lot like “Redneck.” Street teamers all around the globe have gone through their efforts in promoting these guys far and wide at all the major tours happening in the music scene right now. Tour plans for East and Western terrain is set for the summertime. “Metal Horn Bessy,” blasts out the beats fast edged having the drums giving out your heart a run for all it’s worth. This song alone showing the real metalhead junkies that metal is still alive and well running through the chaos and mayhem that Misguided Aggression is known to dish out. For fans of Lamb of God, Unearth, Shadows Fall and Trivium be sure to not miss out on these headbangers just waiting to get inside your head and cause an amount of mischief.

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