The Fabulous Miss Wendy: Hollywood Punk Goddess a Finalist for Gibson Guitars’ “SG Gal”

Hollywood, CA, November 24 2009—Twenty-two-year-old punk rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy is already “the sexiest rock star ever,” according to Revolver magazine; now she’s one of ten finalists in the running to become Gibson Guitars’ “SG Gal,” and she needs your help to make it to number one. And as if that’s not enough, her video “I Like Boys” is nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest beside videos by Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, the Pussycat Dolls, and more.

For Hollywood-based rocker The Fabulous Miss Wendy, comparison to iconic female musicians is nothing new: a CDBaby feature on Miss Wendy warned Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani to “start running immediately.” Though she’s only twenty-two, Wendy has come a long way since picking up a guitar at the age of ten, when she was inspired by old-school punk acts like the Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones. Just a few years later, Wendy beat out hundreds of other girls to nab the lead spot in a Nickelodeon all-girl rock band. She went on to attend the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, traveled to Iraq to play for U.S. troops, made it to third place in the U.S. “World Battle of the Bands” Competition, and won a VH1 Recommended Artist Award—and, of course, wrote and recorded all ten tracks of her debut album. She’s already gotten airplay on major L.A. and Seattle stations, played the hottest venues on the Sunset Strip, including The Whisky and The Keyclub, and racked up praise from critics.

Considering her resume, The Fabulous Miss Wendy’s a perfect fit for the Gibson “SG Gal”—according to the guitar manufacturer’s website, the “SG Gal” is “a girl guitarist who’s got the chops and the charm to represent one of the most iconic guitars in our lineup, the Gibson SG.” The Fabulous Miss Wendy’s definitely got the chops: she makes it a point to counter the expectation that most female players are second-rate rhythm guitarists. Wendy highlights her lead guitar skills with songs like her cover of Bad Brain’s “Rock for Light,” with it “rippin’ guitar leads.” But despite her dedicated musicianship, The Fabulous Miss Wendy doesn’t take herself too seriously—and that’s where the charm comes in. Wendy’s style is all sassy, punky fun, with mischievous lyrics like “I like boys…how could I not?” and a stage presence to match.

Speaking of “I Like Boys,” The Fabulous Miss Wendy’s video for this feisty, flirty track is part of an ongoing contest where MTV Network’s LOGO channel asks viewers to vote for the “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” and airs the winners on a weekly show. The video for “I Like Boys” was actually a collaboration between TFMW and the makers of the 2009 film The People I’ve Slept With, and Wendy’s music is also featured in the film. The music video intercuts footage from the film, about an unapologetically promiscuous woman on the hunt for her baby daddy, with images of Wendy surrounded by a gaggle of adoring (and mostly shirtless) boys. Add in the opening shot of Wendy’s “FABULOUS” tattoo, and no doubt about it, the video is definitely sexy.

But if you want to watch Wendy’s video on LOGO’s weekly show, you’ll need to vote for it at And don’t forget to cast your vote for The Fabulous Miss Wendy as Gibson’s “SG Gal” as well. Voting ends December 1st at 4 P.M. EST, so hurry to to get your vote in. You can also check out The Fabulous Miss Wendy and her music at and, and her debut CD is available at iTunes.

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