MusicDish Launches China Music Podcast At MIDEM 2010

As music professionals from around the world gathered in Cannes for MIDEM 2010, MusicDish unveiled its first podcast in a series called ‘MusicDish*China Sounds presented by Metal Postcard Records‘. A monthly podcast, MusicDish*China Sounds shines on spotlight on China’s independent music scene emerging in cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and beyond. The Monday, January 25th issue of MIDEM News featured a full page ad on ‘MusicDish*China Sounds.’

“As the largest and most prominent global music conference, MIDEM 2010 was a unique opporutnity to launch our first major Asian initiative,” noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. “China has an exciting, burgeoning independent music scene that will increasingly attract worldwide attention. We hope MusicDish*China will serve as a bridge for Western music professionals as distinguishing music fans.”

In the inaugural edition, the podcast focuses on some bands that impacted Hong Kong in 2009, including Time Out favorites Chochukmo and ST, A/V duo Volt In Music, SXSW-bound DP, Lona Records’ A Roller Control as well as Shanghai-based Liman.

A Roller Control: Story Of The Fly

Hong Kong band headed up by Alok of Lona Records. A man with impeccable taste. This track reminds us of the days when Cabaret Voltaire, Mute Records and pre pop Human League ruled the roost.

DP: Supermegadon

LI Man - Dirty Party - Dirty Party

Hong Kong’s funky metal duo look like the banana splits on holiday in New Zealand with the Lord of the Rings. Think early Black Sabbath and ZZ Top thrown in the blender with Lemmy. Heavy & funky. They’ve been accepted to play SXSW this year. The first time ever for a Chinese band

Volt In Music: Ghost

New electronic audio visual duo from Hong Kong who have been playing for only a year. Full and organic orchestral electronica that tugs at the heart strings. They’ll be releasing their debut on Metal Postcard records and will in June be presenting an audio visual performance that features a new midi instrument invented by VIM founder Chris Honhim.

ST: Lottery Players vs Games Console People

Time Out Hong Kong’s 2009 artist of the year. DJ Shadow and the Aphex Twin are major influences. This song tells of two generations in China through sound. The oldies gamble away whilst anyone under 30 can’t be pulled away from their Playstation. He’s a man of mystery and won’t share much of a public profile

Chochukmo: Tell Her (Laura I Love Her)

Chochukmo - The King Lost His Pink - Tell Her (Laura I Love Her)

The winner of Time Out (Hong Kong’s) 2009 make an album competition. Indie math rock with a nod to Radiohead

Liman: Dirty Party

Shanghai’s new electro king parties like there’s no tomorrow. His debut released in 2009 is strongly influenced by Paris’ Ed Banger label and will keep you up all night and the next day.

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