TALIA a band that has been called, Pop with cortisone

TALIA a band that has been called, Pop with cortisone… Stuck between their love for The Ramones and Cindy Lauper, they sound as if Kurt Cobain had killed Bono and taken control of U2… At least that’s what they think… they have just produced our 2nd record (it’s been mastered by Ted Jensen Sterling sound) and are in the process of releasing it through Bravesoul records.

This new album by Talia is to be released shortly, called “Permanent midlife crisis”. it consists of a variety of tracks including there new single for the Bravesoul label “Every minute, Every hour” The band is also currently working on a video for the single and the label is looking to promote both the single and album here in the UK and Europe.

Bravesoul Records
Steve Butcher


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