iWantJam Artist Spotlight: The Andromeda Project

iWantJam Artist Spotlight: The Andromeda Project
The Andromeda Project are a rising rock group with a growing presence in the Cali rock scene

With a newly released music video and more and more live shows to boast, Northern California group The Andromeda Project are a rising rock group with a growing presence in the Cali rock scene. Growing up in California, Michael Tiffany and Russ Torres – the members of the band who write the majority of the music – were both heavily influenced by the rock and pop circulating the air waves on Cali’s radio stations. However, their group contains members from a varied age group, which injects a dose of diversity into their musical sensibilities. Though Tiffany and Torres were the principle writers on the self-titled first album, they indicated that the sophomore effort “will be a more highly collaborated offering.”

Although the group started off as a studio band, “live performances are what we love to do” Tiffany told me enthusiastically in an interview. After a “rocky transition” from studio to stage, The Andromeda Project buckled down, practiced for months and months are came back with a live sound they were proud of, though they’re humble enough to say it’s an “ongoing effort.” In response to the question of what to expect at one of their shows, they say the live experience is quite faithful to the studio sounds, though some pieces were adapted for a “more dramatic effect.” Lovers of the album won’t be disappointed, it seems, but they also will come away with something fresh.

As The Andromeda Project continues to develop, they must try to keep their heads above the insane torrent of new bands and artists that seem to drown out many rock hopefuls. Torres seems confident that their passion will shine through, “and only the future will show how our love for music will materialize.” With the freedom to pursue their own vision without the constraints of marketing executives’ desires, The Andromeda Project aims to provide a rock experience that reflects their drive to express themselves and makes them stand out. It’s clear after talking to them that their motivated and doing what they can to leave a strong impression: “people want to see and hear and we want to deliver.”

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