MzMuffin Announces: NEW ALBUM PLANNED FOR 2013!

MzMuffin Announces: The album “Shaman” will be out to the end of 2013.
Contact MzMuffin through her reps on YouTube channel to book performance for your concert or event.

Immuffuliciousness – just be YOU.
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Vin – MzMuffin 2012 with lyrics ( from the album Immuffulation)

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Not Again – MzMuffin

Randy Crawford “Why” – MzMuffin sings along

Link to audio – (Randy Crawford) Usually, nobody likes it when you draw the line and say “Yes – I will do this because my heart says it is in agreement with God’s will” and “No – I cannot do those things because God will not approve”. Some people, naturally, will be displeased. But who does one please really – man…..or …..GOD?


GET THE ALBUM “prelude” ON iTunes ……and ……

“prelude”; hard copy to order your copy.
Look out for her CD called “Immufulation”, which will have …….. the secrets!
Stay tuned for download information and for the hard format availability.

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