Election Aftermath: Those Blaming the Main Stream Media Stop It That Means You Too Cenk Uygur And TYT, David Packman Et cetera Et Al

Multitudes desperately needing to remember those multiple choice tests we took in school where sometimes the answer was all of the above; similarly here the answer to Hillary Clinton’s loss isn’t one thing, big or small, there is no glaring, smoking gun telling us why she won’t be our first madam president, won’t be sworn in on January 20th, it’s everything with a side of issues almost no one is talking about including supposedly independent media. Problem, her failed campaign is 10% Hillary’s personal, political, public speaking shortfalls and 90% the other things listed in different proportions, but she gets 1,000% of the blame alone, any other explanations are categorized as not serious, utter non-sense, deflection— are we tired of, done with being wrong yet?…Conveniently brushed aside, ignored structural problems in our democracy that fueled Donald Trump’s win and sabotaged all democrat, third party chances early on, surpassing the primary debacles in states with closed versions forcing voters to vote under the party they are registered to, on record affiliated with, meaning independents in select areas couldn’t vote Bernie Sanders, vote count devastation wrought by caucus systems seen to drive down voter turnout on top of the closed primary problem were cities, counties, states, not the least bit surprising in electorally important swaths of the country, where people found themselves wrongly deleted from voting rolls for not having voted in a long time. Instead of having voting eligible citizens show up on primary day, vote in each desired category president/vice president, governor, senate/house seats up that year, any local ballot issues present; caveat, you can only vote for one person in each section, only removing documented moved or deceased persons from voter rolls. Gerrymandering instrumental in why democrats couldn’t win back the house in 2016, racial gerrymandering across North Carolina leading to court mandated 2017 local special elections after said gerrymandering was officially deemed unconstitutional; district judges, a little over 2 weeks post the election, ruling gerrymandering not geography is behind republicans’ iron grip on Wisconsin, who hadn’t gone republican in a presidential race since the ‘80’s. Florida, Virginia and North Carolina are in the crosshairs of their courts for adjacent reasons; Michigan a twin case to Wisconsin. Ohio left voters with no real choices; republicans running the table in a staggering number of uncontested races, races won by ridiculous double digit margins. Voter I.D. laws argued in various courts almost up to election day itself leaving the public in limbo ‘knowing’ they wouldn’t be able to vote, so didn’t bother registering; people who earnestly tried to vote but were shockingly unsuccessful in a nation known as the heart of democracy… But what won and lost this election was how Hillary Clinton foolishly chose to design her campaign not voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter abstinence, voting irregularities, voting machine issues. Downplayed in one way and exalted in the run up to Electoral College voting were frequencies with which the same states keep popping up when examining voter suppression, long lines, excessive paperwork, voter roll discrepancies, voting machine malfunctions. Southern states known for race issues, swing states, battle ground states, must win states if you want to achieve the office of president, and this is the ‘independent media’, supposedly unable to be bought, utterly unbiased, actually doing investigative reporting, calling out their other hated favorite word establishment status quo problems, hypocrisies progressives, liberals, democrats, non-conservatives, non-right wingers worship that the feet of… Nipping at the heels of long standing structural problems unaddressed is the idea democrats would have done better running any other candidate but Hillary Clinton, seen as cold aloof, not genuine or warm, when not hit with outright claims of untrustworthiness, liar, in bed with special interests, what have you, Bill Maher’s on the surface good, sound advice not to run someone who can’t do a rally; obvious go to choice then, Bernie Sanders. However excluding Bernie momentarily, who my work alone covered extensively to report it seems as if he woke up roughly a week before primary application paperwork was due and decided he wanted to run for president, whose stated goals would do more for the country at the grassroots, lower government level, continuing as senator… What better candidate was sincerely available, bumbling answers Lincoln Chafee who couldn’t explain his Glass Stiegel vote, let’s not mince words wacko kook Jim Web who when asked about political enemies recited a creepy story about killing a person in Vietnam? How about democratic low energy counterpart to Jeb Bush Martin O’Malley touting his gubernatorial stewardship of Maryland encompassing troubled Baltimore when it was A-in flames due to unrest over the senseless arrest and resulting death of African American, innocent man, minding his own business, Freddie Gray; B analysis tracing many of the systemic, institutional problems leading to that unrest to policies enacted by O’Malley or policies directly mirroring New York’s stop and frisk he failed to disband?… What on earth makes Clinton critics think they would have listened to a different strategy, anything but exactly what they wanted to hear is another great mystery joining a growing pile; when they needed to be told the hard truth that though their wages have stagnated they still have jobs, if they can’t handle the cyclical nature of that industry consider job retaining. Similar truths applicable to coal, manufacturing, people who need to be told the reason you’re struggling to achieve the American dream is you are in a dead industry; when only after Trump was elected and continued to talk about abolishing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) did individuals in say, Kentucky get scared he might actually do it. A man in coal country who voted for Trump on his promise to bring jobs telling a CNN reporter black lung benefits may be going bye, bye, with the dissolving of demonized Obamacare; contrasting starkly Hillary Clinton who went to coal, manufacturing country and said yes we will gradually put coal out of business to offer you retraining in more sustainable, stable industries, versus Trump who vowed to bring back jobs being swallowed by automation in the 1960’s… Yet Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was too arrogant, elitist and hero WikiLeaks exposed her colluded corruption. Racism, sexism xenophobia, homophobia had nothing to do with her loss despite characterization of her presidency as a third term for Obama, the controversial black, ‘Muslim,’ ‘Manchurian candidate’ president ‘who tricked the system to get in the Whitehouse;’ who wants to give more rights, citizenship opportunities to whom, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, ‘shiksa feminista’ women. Racism was at best a secondary factor when even now we have citizens in this country comparing first Lady Michele Obama, who is the epitome of stylish, poised and put together, challenging the class and dignity of Jackie O and Nancy Reagan, not that they’ll ever admit it, to an ape in heels, a Trump backer posting on social media she should go live in Africa with apes. Racism, sexism, hate, applied to current election opinions, numbers and Hillary Clinton were outdone by economic issues, people with no jobs, people seeing their jobs to go Mexico, China hearing her ringing endorsement for TPP, independent there are metrics to back up the former over the latter. Donald Trump himself saying she didn’t look presidential; code for she’s a woman and doesn’t look particularly good as one, reshaping his previous comments on Carly Fiorina’s face to fit candidate Clinton. Purported economic issues allegedly outpacing one Trump supporter who touted biblical mandates women not have authority over men as the reason Hillary Clinton can’t be president, a Trump voter who said homosexuals should hang, Trump’s campaign chair heard/seen on camera claiming racism didn’t exist before Obama’s presidency prompting her resignation, Trump supporters upset Clinton aide Huma Abedin has a Muslim sounding name, channeling Michelle Bachmann saying blacks were better off during slavery. Unabashed truth, Hillary Clinton lost because people were so willing to believe every nasty thing ever said about her for 25 odd years in an era where facts no longer matter, Hillary Clinton lost because people wanted nostalgic fairytales of yesteryear instead of dealing with reality, Hillary Clinton lost because of systematic system flaws; people weeping on election night, protesting by the thousands in every city nationwide several nights after tells us who a majority truly supported, warts and all, what the people truthfully wanted and didn’t get….Getting down to the more thoroughly discussed, but not fully understood topics attempting to answer Hillary Clinton’s loss or more abjectly Donald Trump’s win, corruption played an overwhelming roll in who won this election and is a driving force behind who didn’t…There is credible evidence the Kremlin wanted Trump to win, having nothing to do with him per say, rather out of abundant hatred for Hillary Clinton, fear of greater sanctions that they then sat about using social media and other means to make that happen, culminating in Vladimir Putin’s already mentioned hands on involvement to the point of personally deciding what to do with hacked information collected. Lock step with Russian plans to nationalize the internet essentially banning Microsoft’s globally used products to be replaced with good old Russian ones, amounting to more than an act of nationalism but because he thinks Microsoft collaborates with US intelligence; paranoid, listening to Edward Snowden too much? It’s Donald Trump’s continued denouncing of intelligence agency findings implicating the former Soviet Union country not China, not some 400 pound person on their bed someplace, a repeated line given when confronted about the situation; when you have a top Russian general ‘who has Putin’s ear’ saying he gave him the strategy 3 years ago designed to cause “a perfectly thriving state to sink into a web of chaos,” but oh no there’s no Russian ties to the hacking going on…. Megyn Kelly’s bombshell book revelations Trump tried to pressure her to go easy on him, threatened her, made her fear for her safety, amplified by both staff and followers, plausible claims he offered gifts to her and her network (Fox News) in exchange for positive, more flattering coverage divulging some took the bait. Startling implications by themselves preceding what Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner let slip in an interview about buying one sided, no commentary, no challenge coverage from a major media outlet holding ownership, dictating major coverage over multitudes of small stations in key swing states i.e. Ohio; reach so expansive they get more viewership than say cable’s CNN. Mindboggling on 3 vantage points A- Trump did this simultaneously shouting crooked Hillary when she merely attempted to win fair and square with standard political ad buy, B- that a giant TV consortium agreed to do what he wanted, no thought to what he was flooding small, local areas with or ethics in journalism, news coverage, finally C- that we wouldn’t know about it if Mr. Kushner hadn’t been foolish enough to open his big mouth…. Neither is James Comey a handy scapegoat excuse democrats default to, to explain how they lost an election so bad, rather a media one liner short hand pertaining to the cataloged series of irregularities he engaged in from the beginning. Announcing his findings in a press conference where he subsequently scolded Clinton like an errant child, his promise to keep congress informed should there be any new developments, not what the FBI should be doing; catering to what congress believes should and shouldn’t be investigated often leading down ribbit holes culminating in his ‘reopening’ of the Clinton e-mail investigation to 3 days prior to voters hitting the poles then say, oh nothing here. Warrant for those e-mails, to look at the Abedin/Weiner computer for such material incredibly flimsy containing little evidence, indications the FBI already knew most of what was there, related to Clinton were duplicates of things previously examined; further he defied his boss in going ahead with the announcement to reopen and very succinctly violated the Hatch act in the process. The Hatch Act explicitly stating the FBI, being government personnel, government personnel of the executive branch may not engage in actions to disparage or support entities along partisan lines; going hand in hand with justice department protocols only disclosing information pertinent to investigations, never derogatory personal, professional details uncovered linked to person X, in reverence to the access they are allowed into people’s lives, and not doing so at minimum 60 days out from an election to avoid undue influence…. It’s the hypocrisy of Trump’s cabinet and advisor choices held up against repeated campaign slogans; leaving off his calling Hillary Clinton the swamp, bought and paid for by lobbyists, special interests, Wall Street—based on speeches she did to earn a living, be productive in a political off season—the reaming he gave Hillary Clinton calling her cooked, corrupt, vowing to locker her up. Immediately reneging on promises to drain said swamp and hiring what number are we up to now of Goldman Sacks high rollers, Wall Street, big money, huge corporation executives and operatives. It’s vice president Mike Pence who wants to keep his congressional correspondence as a lack luster senator in Indiana’s legislator sealed, such a seal, if implemented lasting until his death; why is this not front page, breaking news on Fox, a large than life headline on Breitbart, why is no one asking him what he’s hiding, asking for an investigation, calling for him to step down especially looking at the new one Hillary Clinton was ripped over the DNC, campaign chairman, WikiLeaks e-mails alone? Electronic transmissions allegedly missing from the freedom of information request submitted in Pence’s case, so called white papers outlining plans to combat the ACA, president Obama’s executive action on immigration, even LGBTQ rights raising familiar questions about transparency and who decides what indeed is public record; déjà vu anyone considering you were ecstatic, right along with your running mate, the FBI announced its reopening of the Clinton investigation. To say nothing of you are against people getting healthcare, young immigrants who were brought here as children given the right to work, gain education or engage in military service, against LGBT rights that stem violence and hate crimes; obvious next question, why?… Michael Flynn Trump national security advisor choice, an appointment not subjected to senate confirmation, who famously said at his RNC convention appearance if he’d done a 10th of what she had he would be in jail. Calling for her to drop out of the race due to seriously endangering our national security with her private server; only to find out he ‘unknowingly’ shared classified information with a foreign government (Afghanistan) receiving no discipline because he was unaware and did no damage to national security. Ironically paralleling FBI final determinations on Hillary Clinton, Flynn who also has a history of recurring such behavior turning around to do the same thing with Pakistan; paralleling Hillary Clinton almost exactly having had a private internet connection installed in his pentagon office, though that was expressly forbidden, where Clinton’s ‘home brew’ server was uncharted territory. Continuing we have no idea what the purpose was for that internet connection, what he could be hiding besides the damming evidence already given; where we were given an explanation for Clinton’s server and, delved into facts allowed us to make inferences pointing to her protecting classified documents more than the state department could, creating her own 21st century work environment when one wasn’t provided for her. Apparently it’s only criminal when you, my political opponent, do it; because, David Petraeus guilty of equal mishandling of classified intel, feeding it to a mistress was on a legitimate short list for secretary of state. Flynn who was additionally caught on Breitbart circa August 2016 talking about boarder signs in Texas directing ISIS fighters how to illegally get into the country he had personally seen photos of; relevance, scary as it is, this is who’s in charge of Donald Trump’s national security team, is substituting, heading up his daily intelligence briefings. Happening in tandem with his questioning, downplaying Russian hacking only to nominate Rex Tillerson, not the least bit shy about his glowing friendship with Vladimir Putin; however, Americans are to behave gullibly enough to believe there is no collusion between Russia and Trump, they had nothing to do with his win, whether he knows it or not, Russia likewise missing from foreign intelligent, national intelligence briefings and goals is mere coincidence…. Finally rounding out this section it’s the basic expectation, function of the media up against the sheer number of times he, candidate, republican nominee, currently president elect Trump threw out media outlets from press conferences, rallies and events, how people holding adequate, proper credentials, asking reasonable, public would want to know questions, were ever supposed to do their jobs in that environment…. Having secured the presidency still his antagonizing the media continues booting the reporter who investigated the Carrier deal he so proudly proclaims from a Trump jobs event while all indications point to Trump’s newest media ventures his 24 hour network getting Whitehouse press credentials. It’s the reshaping he now wants to do of the press, press’ relationship with government, curtailing free speech, curtailing journalistic freedom, hinting at less access, less information flow, less briefings, anyone who covers him in a way he doesn’t like won’t get the chance to again, if you want to cover him you must engage in propaganda style writing, threats to open up liable laws to sue press entities, individual journalists for basic investigative reporting, giving of facts if they are critical of Trump; liable, defamation and slander not things we could get the media on in the days of bizarre stories about Michael Jackson proven wholly untrue and career defeating but possible under president Trump, reason to do anything except celebrate… . Fake news until very recently seen as comparatively harmless limited to supermarket tabloids, accompanying websites good for a needed laugh, largely impacting celebrities and who they were seen in Hollywood hot spots with, bad, drunken, drugged out behavior exposed, rants, bar fights, whose having whose baby regularly disproved via DNA testing, housing Nostradamus predictions that never came true, debunked theories on UFO’s, aliens, rare diseases that might be real but the finer details wrong. Yet fake news of the 21st century isn’t just taking on a new, polished format drawing people to it, using new venues to captivate people, social media: twitter, Facebook, Reddit; people unaware, until right now the ‘news’ in their Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat feed needed to be vetted, needed to be checked for accuracy let alone authenticity versus something someone fabricated out of their head. So when Catholics, religious persons inclined to listen, however marginally, to the pope saw a ‘news story’ claiming Donald Trump was endorsed by pope Francis it got their attention combined with his make America great again slogan, touted business acumen. Remember that’s how they ‘caught’ a Clinton aide and the Beachbit he used to wipe her sever, forget that conversation thread was about permanently changing an e-mail address it was still heralded as a smoking gun to data cleaned servers (???), which of course had some nefarious purpose aside from privacy of personal or business information had it been anyone but a Clinton, Bleachbit’s open source status utterly ignored. When national government officials have to be scolded not to tweet ‘news’ articles on serious issues (climate change) from known dubious sources, cough Breitbart, when state officials shout they aren’t a news source then insist on adding their voice to the collective noise sans taking or exercising any responsibility for their posts deemed news by design or whose prominent name is on it, adopting an attitude best summed up “I report, you decide if it’s true or not,” how is anyone else supposed to know?….Thus Hillary Clinton lost and America’s future becomes anybody’s guess, when it was supposed to go the other way not because Clinton was perfect, ran a perfect campaign, but because Trump represented a different kind of national emergency, a democratic emergency and we collectively responded the opposite of what we should have in our own interests… Concluding, worth clarifying once and for all, it is not the corporate media, big conglomerates though they look like corporations all the same, make money like any other large business, business category in this country, if you are talking about ABC, NBC, CBS stations carrying a half hour national news per day, breaking news, special reports on major national, world events, deaths of influential figures then it is just the media… Read More