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Hoodie to Blame For Teen Shooting Death, What is Says About Mindsets in America

Fact is you don’t have to be a racist to hold a prejudice against someone for how they look, what they wear, mannerisms they may have; Read More

Industry Filler Making Red Meat So Unhealthy, Even Deadly?

Forget cows over fed junk corn, antibiotics and hormone laced beef, even the presence of metals, or saturated fat, heart disease, the possible carcinogen factor and now the latest, a link between it and early death; yes we’ve all heard the warnings associated with eating too much red meat. Read More

Rush Limbaugh Another Conservative Gone Too Far, Exposing the Chauvinistic Misogyny Impacting Medicine

There is no question it’s wrong to call someone a slut, make slanderous, unfounded comments about their sex life, number of sexual partners, based on their belief…Read More

Impatient Nation the 250 Millisecond Decision

Google just released a startling study on how shockingly little we are willing to wait. The average according to Google 250 millisecondsRead More

Parenting: Does Everyone Else Have A Better Handle on it Than America Or is the Latest Example Just Devoid of Different Kinds of Common Sense?

the last 2 years have books challenging the American way of child rearing;Read More

Rick Santorum the Most Dangerous Potential Commander and Chief?

Just as voters thought some sanity might be shaping up in the GOP primary, just as it looked like a candidate was making itRead More

Conservative Government is Big Government

As the fallout of President Obama’s latest healthcare mandate resounds around Capitol Hill an the nation with house speaker John BoehnerRead More

Contraception: An Attack On Religion or a Battle For Full Healthcare?

Amid twin controversies involving healthcare, one regarding a new rule for employers and one embroiling the well-known Susan G. Komen foundation in a scandal, some people particularly women, have to marvel that yes, we are indeed living in 2012.Read More

If We Want Smaller Government Start with Local Municipalities

Yes it has become a campaign trail staple smaller government, getting government out of our money,Read More

Campaign Reality Check Wealth, Education And Beyond

It seems every election season there is a debate surrounding at least one candidate and their wealth, one candidate and their Ivy League education, which candidate is telling the truth or most of it.  From …Read More