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Campaign Reality Check Wealth, Education And Beyond

It seems every election season there is a debate surrounding at least one candidate and their wealth, one candidate and their Ivy League education, which candidate is telling the truth or most of it.  From …Read More

Illegal Aliens Are Human Not Little Green Beings From Mars

That’s a version of what immigration law protesters’ signs say, trying to remind citizens in some of the toughest immigrationRead More

Newt Gingrich Creating an America that Works Becoming The Paycheck President not The Food Stamp President?

Yes that was the Gingrich plan unveiled in a firestorm of comments surrounding the former house speaker’s willingness to go the NAACP and tell African Americans they should demand paychecks not food stamps. This was …Read More

America Land of Lack or Land of Wasted Wealth?

One of the largest myths of this great recession has been that we live in a state of lack rather than realizing we have a lot of wealth!Read More

Christian Teachers Give An Egregious Screw You to Christmas?

In a rare moment of channel surfing on Christmas day I ran across several religious services, teachings talking about the holidays; pictures of Mass, pastors reminding their church audiences that Jesus was the reason for …Read More

NTSB Misses Boat With Cellphone Ban?

Yes it’s in the news again, the hope that laws banning gadgets in cars can make the roads safer; propelled by a crash in Missouri involving two school busses and another vehicle which housed a …Read More

Newt Gingrich Momentum to What…?

As Newt Gingrich arguably just blasted one out of the park at the Iowa debate, his poll numbers are sure to skyrocket even further than they already are in his surprising comeback. But similar to …Read More

Teen Denied Admittance to School Because He is HIV Positive

a 13 year old was denied placement at the private Milton Hershey boarding school openly based on the fact he is HIV positiveRead More

If It’s Costing You That Much Do Something About It

As the occupy Wall Street drags on, politicians continue to mock protests while cities bemoan the cost of the movement in everything from extra police presence, to over time, to sanitation costs cleaning up after protest demonstrations. Read More

Mississippi Abortion Law Usurping Basic Human Rights of Mothers?

As recently as 2009 a Florida woman was put on forced bed rest because of early contractions, her doctor appointed by the court “the unborn child’s attending physician” was authorized to do anything to save the life, health of the fetus, no matter if it was against the mother’s will. But nothing compares to the 1996 Florida case in which a woman refused a C- section; subsequently the police showed up at her house during her labor, took her to a hospital where a lawyer had been appointed for her fetus, while giving her no legal representation whatsoever, in the end, forcing her to have the C- section. Worse, when she sued for civil rights violations, the court ruled that whatever her civil rights, they did not override the state of Florida’s interests in preserving the life of the unborn child. Read More