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Occupy Wall Street- Some Clarity

Many feel like it’s them against a skewed system catering to those with wealth not allowing others to reach the heights they have found, a system purposely excluding ordinary people from achieving substantial monetary success; this is what occupy Wall Street is about the hunger for a system that gives everyone a shot at the amount of assets, monies they wish to gain, are willing to work for.Read More

Occupy Wall Street Occupying Stupidity?

So where are these people supposed to be if not occupying Wall Street, people who can’t find jobs, one profiled out of work for 18 months others who have been out of work for years? People that have tried to do for themselves who might as well try something else, try getting the attention of their government the only way they believe they can. Yet political figures belittle them for the month they have spent protesting a mere drop in the bucket compared to their job search efforts.Read More

9-9-9 Should Be No, No, No

Could his form of the unconventional take our nation backwards not forward, is he more dangerous than progressive and are there other reasons to shy away for the phase president Cain? Sadly for all those hoping Herman Cain, 9-9-9 was the new idea many had longed for, it looks as if presidential hopeful Michelle Bochman was right; the devil is in the details.Read More

The Biggest Crime in the American Education System: No One Wants to Teach Kids

It goes to the heart of a system whose foundation seems to be summed up in the phrases pass the buck, it’s not my problem; goals are set over the students heads from day one, no one any longer possessing a clue about reasonable expectations per grade level.Read More

The Right to Death Party,” What the Republican Presidential Debate Reveals About the American People

And yet somehow without having admittedly been to church in years manages to remember questions about being your brother’s keeper, a commandment of thou shalt not kill along with a satirical statement that between the let the uninsured die crowd and the presidential wannabe Ron Paul they “weren’t feeling a lot of that do no harm Jazz.” Read More

Pat Robertson’s Advice on Alzheimer’s Patients Not as Bad as First Thought?

He was giving advice to one person in one situation, someone who was essentially contemplating cheating on their wife. And in that case he said it would be better for him to divorce her if he was going to do anything, because divorce isn’t a sin, cheating is. Read More

The Hidden Truth of Growing Entitlement Program Costs

The biggest threat facing entitlement programs is gargantuan healthcare costs brought on by a broken medical system no longer willing or capable of providing quality care to the sickest of people, to those who need it most. Instead we have care based solely on ability to pay, hospitals and practitioners so skittish about giving care for fear they won’t get their money decisions center around how many days and what kind of care the above mentioned programs will cover rather than need.Read More

Transgender Is Not a Religious Abomination

However transgender is highly different than homosexuality or bisexuality; in fact it has nothing to do with sexual behavior or who you choose to be with, instead being more about who you are, boy or girl, man or woman. And unlike the disputes over whether or not gays, lesbians and bisexuals are making a conscious choice in who they become attracted to, the problems that lead someone to be transgender have a clearer scientific, medical basis. Read More

Sponge Bob Bad for Kids?

Also to be addressed is the question of how much “clear thinking” a 4 year old actually does to begin with; children at that age flit from one topic of conversation to the next at a moment’s notice, switch favorite toys, activities, interests almost as quickly, a phrase pointing to the possibility our pediatric psychologist has the same problem as other adults, failure to truly understand kids.Read More

Arsenic, Apple Juice and Feuding Doctors

Maybe it’s just a lay person’s view, but most would imagine the average American response as follows: why the hell is arsenic allowed in any food or drink we consume? Read More