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Spanking is Lazy Parenting Part 2 Individual, Social and Societal Consequences

In this country the only people who are allowed to be hit are children; you hit someone in the street you are likely to be booked for assault if the police are called, should the victim choose to press charges. You hit your spouse man or woman offender and you go to jail. If your boss “spanked” you every time you said something he didn’t agree with or made a mistake they would be sued for harassment as they would if they forced an employee to walk around bare assed showing what they had done. So if it’s not ok to hit an adult why is it ok to hit a child? Read More

Political Brinksmanship Big Problems

Looking at their inner workings and personnel structure congress rightly pointed out, while fighting the downgrade, that 100 financial analysts keeping track of monitoring, over 100 countries isn’t enough people to get an accurate picture of what is going on in something as large and complex as an entire country’s financial system. Read More

Debt Deal: Win, Lose or Draw What’s Next and What It All Means

Truthfully it appears “we” will fund everything but what’s needed; Claire McCaskill said it best during Meet the Press on Sunday: there is a difference between telling Warren Buffet no; we won’t pay for your prescription drugs and turning Medicare into a voucher program.Read More

Spanking is Lazy, Stupid, Unimaginative Parenting Out of Control?

All of these stories point to disquieting trends about spanking and spankers; people who freely admit to having no time for other forms of discipline such as timeouts; one parent described having to preside over, enforce lost privileges made them feel like a prison guard adding stress to discipline, pointing a multitude of parents who don’t want to put in any more effort into dealing with their children than it takes to hit them until they behave, scores calling it the quickest form of discipline. Read More

Extreme Couponing Ruining it For Everyone Else?

And if you think it’s too good to be true, you might be right, outside of the daunting amount of time spent looking for coupons, the fact that people’s entire garages, extra space in small 2 bedroom apartments is dedicated to a stockpile of items fit for any survivalist, end of the world cult fantasist, is the overwhelming feeling from those watching that these people are cheating; they have somehow found a way to get over on the system at the expense of the rest of us.Read More

Teachers Frank Blog About Students To Get her Fired And are We Debating The Wrong Issue?

One commenter said: “instead of completing the grade cards appropriately- with fair grades and fair and realistic comments, she was making up this list and posting it on her blog…This shows at best, poor judgment and lack of capacity to do required work. At worst it shows someone who dislikes the students that almost anyone could do a better job coming in with a fair and open attitude.” And that, in a nutshell, is why she should lose her job.Read More

Job Restrictions Becoming New Form of Debtors Prison?

Vicious cycle of I can’t get a job because of my debt, credit score can’t pay off debt, thus improving my score, without a job. How is that different from debtors’ prison, throwing people behind bars for unpaid debts, removing any chance they could pay them back?Read More

We the People Need Our Government to Function

function like Minnesota 2, nearly 3 weeks after a statewide shutdown. We do NOT want the immediate interest rate and tax hikes to cripple us, crush the most vulnerable among us. We understand grannies in walkers, the disabled need their social security, Medicare, Medicaid, to live; we understand that military families need to get paid. Poor people need food stamps, aid to needy families’ impacts children, facts that do not change because the government officials meant to lead want to behave like squabbling children. Read More

Retiring More Than a Ship

Without government involvement, without it being viewed as a priority individuals leaving NASA, ones having followed them for decades wonder if we, Americans will ever return to the heart of what NASA always was, what the remnants still are, exploration; will we ever go into space to increase our knowledge, curious to find what is out there, answer questions about our own beginnings?Read More

Vegan, Vegetarian What Are You Eating

We don’t need to buy rice milk and cheese substitutes, meatless meat crumbles and eat tofurkey for thanksgiving. What we need is balance but we also don’t need to take that off into the stratosphere either. The lesson should be to bring quality and meaning to the time you have not do everything in your power, trying things even beyond it to lengthen the time you are given.Read More