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Musicpage’s new Music Ops Board give artists the ability to make money!’s Music Ops Board

Not only does Musicpage give artists the ability to send in their songs for consideration, each time you apply you receive feedback on your applicationRead More

Julio D, Italian solo artist, announces Outsider

The 5 tracks come after two studio albums & move into a more contemporary neo soul direction. Its sound reminds us of artists such as Pharrell, Bruno Mars or similar hit makers, but at the same time it’s fresh & inspiring. Read More

Convulsic is unequivocally dubstep’s Breakthrough Artist of 2014

Convulsic_Press Release

Convulsic’s debut 2012 single, Syndrome, landed him a recording contract and endless airplay on underground and internet radio stationsRead More

Sg The Kid – Rashaaud Gates 26 yr old unsigned Talent


breathing fire on every track until I get paid!!!
Then I wont stop cant stop!!Read More

Why The Duck Dynasty Controversy Matters

…it’s what people will extrapolate from his words, the undeniable outcome they will use it as an excuse to denigrate blacks, be violent, intolerant and discriminatory to gays and now female members of the population. That’s why every single American, every human being should care about the goings on of reality TV. Read More

Rape Culture Part 2: Victim Blaming Why isn’t the Onus On Everyone to Protect Themselves?

Nor, independent of controversial judicial rulings, is the onus unfairly piled on women; the tips, techniques detailed here, traditionally given to women, can also aid men in not being a victim of less common male rape, provide needed guidelines to homosexual men and/or help men avoid being the accused in a heterosexual scenarioRead More

Shaman, the title track from MzMuffin 2014 album released


“Shaman”, the title track from the 2014 album here for your listening and download pleasure. Infuse the magic!Read More

Jazz Fusion Guitarist Hoyt Binder Announces Release Of Debut Album “Prayrie Go Round”


Contemporary jazz fusion guitarist Hoyt Binder debut album, “Prayrie Go Round,” featuring Toss Panos, to be released Nov 6th. Read More

Obamacare Fact Check: What the President Really Promised, What He Actually Delivered

Health insurance is only different in its level of importance; you don’t get to just pay for what you use. Never have you been able to do that, and never was the Affordable care Act described as an á-la-carte medical service.Read More

Navy Yard Shooting Caused by Violent Video Games?

Needless suffering and so much carnage because someone deemed a professional, considered an expert would rather use the TV program, his allotted segment to expound on his pet peeve, the unsuspecting “evil” of virtual entertainment, especially video games than have a real conversation about mental illness other than saying said system is broken, he was improperly treated and too quickly proceeding to your “larger” point. Read More