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Indie Extreme To Debut Independent Artist Showcase During Red Gorilla Music Fest 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 2009) – The independent label management firm Indie Extreme will spotlight 4 of their independent acts during its first annual Independent Artist Showcase on the rooftop of the Blind Pig Pub on 6th Street in Austin, TX from 4 p.m. – 8pm on March 19 (Thursday).Read More

Avenger Of Blood

Avenger Of Blood Takes Time in Hell, care to tag along and see what it feels like? Should be one hell of a ride!Read More

Amy Speace To Debut "The Killer In Me" At Joe’s Pub

Singer-songwriter Amy Speace will be debuting new songs from her upcoming album “The Killer In Me” at Joe’s Pub on January 15th @ 7pm at Joe’s Pub, NYC.Read More


Boston, MA — If you’re riding the wave of the indie music revolution you’re about to get a huge boost. Music career coach Peter Spellman has just released the second edition of Indie Marketing Power: THE Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing – a 388-page resource-rich handbook designed to help all music entrepreneurs navigate through the hundreds of marketing and promotional opportunities available today.Read More


London, UK – Since the early days of digital distribution and sites like, artists have willingly given away their music for no compensation in the hopes of being discovered. No more!Read More


Yankin’ the Food Chain fuses electronica, acid jazz, alternative and electro-folk to create a set of funky-fresh beats infused with crucial political messages to future generations. The serious issues covered on Yankin’ force listeners to reanalyze their own ethics, especially when cornered with their own self-images in “Look at Your Shoeshine”: “Can you see yourself in your shoeshine?/ Step back!”Read More

ROCKLAHOMA- MG member Kevin Crider’s first hand account of the side stage collapse

My name is Kevin Crider. I play bass for a melodic, hard rock band named, The Cauze. We’ve been together for three years. In July of 2007, we played at an 80’s rock festival called, Rocklahoma that was held in Pryor, Oklahoma. (You can check it out at )Read More

The Daily Vault Album Reviews: Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind)

Here we go again. Halfway through the slush pile, tossing ’em aside like pancakes at a Little League fundraiser, and allofasudden whoooaaa Nellie. Hang on, we got us a keeper.Read More

Lily Vasquez Raises $50,000 On Sellaband

Lily Vasquez, singer/songwriter born in Colombia and raised in New York, has become part of a revolution in the music industry by becoming the first Latina to reach the goal imposed by the European consortium of collecting, with assistance from internet fans, $50,000 to produce her own CD.Read More

The Hills Are In His Heart

Whatever one could say about Hills Rolling, the moniker of one-man band Trey McGriff, you can’t accuse him of having shallow roots. On his myspace page he lists as influences about one hundred or so bands and musicians. There are old schoolers (Otis Redding, The Beatles, Pink Floyd), new schoolers ( The Killers, My Morning Jacket), tweeners (Nirvana, Dinosaur, Jr.) electro types (The Cure, Depeche Mode) and eclecticians like him (Beastie Boys, Beck). No doubt this is in part a smart-ass commentary on the “what are your influences” question. It is also a list of people he has most likely listened to and is another way of saying that all the music he has heard, or for that matter, everything he has been through, is recorded by the brain, swished around by time, and reflected in his songs. Loves, hates, sounds, tastes, it’s all in your head. Musically and lyrically, this message comes through loud and clear on!
his CD Sweet Tea.Read More