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INDIE NEWS BEAT – 09-11-07


August 22, 2007 Edition

* Dance Album a 2 Year Project by 2 Musicians Who Never Met

* Artist And Join Forces

* Badbubba Records Boutique Label Begins Signing Artists

* Catman Cohen’s New Music Video Prayer For America Stirs Controversy

* Leon Stevenson – Unwanted Memories

* CTA’s ‘Full Circle’ Now Available At Borders & Online!

* Media Alert: Blogcritics Review Of ‘Jazz Cycles’

* Popkomm IMEA 2007: Strong Partners Promote Popkomm Awards

* Shadowside Win’s AirPlay Direct’s Artist Contest

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Announcing the Making of Jordan Allen’s Debut Music Video

Hollywood, CA August 17, 2007 – Simplicity Records announced at the HollyShorts Film Festival that an agreement is in place to have Dream Regime Productions and Def Films produce singer/songwriter Jordan Allen’s debut music video for “Extraordinary” off of his latest album, “Mistakes, Regrets, and Coffee”Read More



July 26, 2007 Edition

* Event Review: California Transit Authority at the 2007 Long’s Park Summer Entertainment Series

* Electric Violinist James Sudakow Releases GREEN

* CD Review: Paul Nash, Jazz Cycles [Manhattan New Music Project]

* Hobbyhorse Joins MusicDish Network Roster

* Chicago’s Danny Seraphine Brings New Band To MusicDish Network Roster

* AirPlay Direct College / Alt. Rock Artist Contest

* IMEA Award 2007: Popkomm Searches For The MySpaces Of Tomorrow

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Summer Festivals Go French

This summer again, the French produced artists will be taking the international route, playing the biggest festivals across the globe.

With more than 5,000 French concert dates recorded abroad in 2006, including 1,500 in the US, 1,350 in Germany and 600 in the UK, the strength of French performances has been confirmed, especially in the summer festival scene.Read More


July 19, 2007 Edition
* Sunshine Superman Returns By Dynamic Musicalo Duo, Hobbyhorse
* Texas Biker Band Rocks Music World With Elvis Tribute
* Amy Speace’s ‘Songs For Bright Street’ Receives European-Wide Distribution
* All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Contest
* Launch of “Initiative Musik” at Popkomm 2007
* Europe’s Web Startups are back –, Netlog and PageflakesRead More

Polarity/1: Flesh & Blood Electronica for Our Times

Musicians who create in the realm of electronica or whatever one calls sampled, processed, or electronically generated music, almost always emphasize the genre’s machine-like-qualities of Hans and Frans Germanic crunching juggernaut rhythms, and bloops and bleeps that resemble the conversations of robots. The composer, performer and soundscaper Polarity/1, however, creates music that has one foot firmly in electronica and the rest of the body in an organic musical universe that includes pop, folk-rock, various schools of jazz, Latin, funk and modernist music from the classical tradition. He mixes these genres into well-blended songs to create a sound that is like the Six Million Dollar Man: part man, part machine but at heart totally human.Read More