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Some Thoughts On The Digital Music Forum, Part 1

he American Dream Is Myspace, The American Disease Is The Music Industry..I was walking through Battery Park the other day and there was a very realistic mini-me Statue Of Liberty getting all interactive with a couple of its admirers. I like that. Fifty yards further north there was another Statuette engaged in photo op. Ironically I came upon this very analog interaction on my way to the Digital Music Forum where I gained entry, by way of, posing as a journalist.Read More

MusicDish To Host 2nd ’10th Anniversary’ Showcase During New Music West 2007

MusicDish LLC, a leading music magazine publisher and marketing firm, announced the setting for its second ’10 Anniversary’ showcase at New Music West Festival, the largest and most influential new music festival on the west coast. Being held at Vancouver’s Library Square on Saturday May 5, the showcase will feature some of Canada’s top emerging talent from Toronto to Tokyo, including pop fusion artist Rose Beach, jazz fusion act Greenlaw and pop rock duo Blue Venus.Read More

RockPop Cover Story – George DuBose & The Notorious B.I.G.

The story behind the photograph, in the words of George DuBose – “Mr. Cee, Big Daddy Kane’s DJ, called me one day and told me that he was working with a young rapper. The track for the young rapper was going to be on a compilation 12” vinyl that would be released by a NY radio station. I forget the name of the station – I think it was WKTU.Read More

Drop DRM Or Become Irrelevant

DRM – A Question Of Belief Systems? After countless conversations and debates over the past eight years, I have come to think that the DRM issue is largely a question of which reality one believes to be trueRead More

Rose Beach Brings ‘Family Love’ To MusicDish Network As It Embraces The Love Kills Theory

MusicDish Network, the artist development arm of MusicDish LLC, a leading music magazine publisher and marketing firm, announced the addition of Vancouver/Tokyo-based Pop Fusion singer/songwriterRead More

MusicDish To Give Workshop At MIDEM On Innovating In The Digital Marketplace

There is one Golden Rule in business: in times of dramatic market transition, only those able to innovate in order to tap into the ensuing opportunities while facing down the challenges will succeed. The music industry is no less immune to this Golden Rule than is any other business.Read More

Kicksta Music Group: Scotia in the House

The return of the regional music scene, complete with home-grown labels, a sound both similar to and different from what is happening in the music world, and a roster of local talent, is one of hip hop culture’s greatest contributions. In the 60’s and 70’s, the classic era of black music in its many forms, there was the Motown sound, the Sound of Philly, Chicago, and Memphis soul. In rap there is the West Coast G-funk, the Dirty South, and, of course, the birthplace of rap, New York.Read More

Listening Liberally to Kobo Town, Live

On Tuesday, November 14, we witnessed another in a fine series of events under the rubric of “Listen Liberally.” These New York City events showcase bands and offer a chill place for fans and D.I.Y people in the music industry to see them.Read More

Cool Gizmo Alert: Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster

Going into a music store without knowing exactly what you are looking for, can be dangerous to your credit card balance… at least it’s that way for me. None the less, occasionally I will indulge my gear lust and wander down to my favorite guitar shop just to see if anything strikes my fancy. A couple of months ago I had a moment of such weakness.Read More


This most recent event was the record release party of Kobo Town, a pan-Caribbean music group from Canada that has updated Trinidadian calypso and mixed it with reggae and other regional music.Read More