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Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer – Classical Rap @TheRealFabp

Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer has released an all new EP  titled “Classical Rap @ TheRealFabp”. Twelve tracks that bring out a more creative side of the hip hop/rapper. Take such tracks as “Gal Ah …Read More

The World Over Releases New Video for "Rewind/Replay"

The World Over has released a new video of the song called “Rewind/Replay”. Check it HERE.

Cocoa Futures Releases New Track "Recovery"

Cocoa Futures has released their title track alongside the release of their new EP “Recovery”. Check it out HERE.

Corrosive Releases New Single "Angry Me"

Swedish melodic death metal band Corrosive released their new single “Angry Me”. The single was recorded at “Dark City Sound Records”, mixed by Erik Berglund and mastered by Kenny Boufadene in “Meltdown Studio”. Check out …Read More

Riva Taylor Releases New Track "Mr. Right"

Riva Taylor have released a new track titled “Mr. Right”. Check it HERE.


Dream Theater have released a new track titled “Untethered Angel”. Check it HERE.

Villows Releases New Song "Revel"

Villows have released a new track titled “Revel”. Check it out right HERE.

Hitwood Releases New Single "Orrido"

Hitwood has released a new single called “Orrido”. The song is dowbloadable for free on and the lyric video is on YouTube at this link

Death Valley High Releases New Track "AVE Malaria (Maria)"

Death Valley High have released an all new track titled “AVE Malaria (Maria)”. Check it HERE.

Dreamsense Releases New Single "Glasswall"

Russian symphonic metal band Dreamsense have released their new single “Glasswall”. The single was recorded in “Chaika Studio” and mixed/mastered at MxD Recordings (Berlin). Check it out here: Dreamsense  was formed in 2012 at Moscow …Read More