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Gonebad Said So Much About Singles and Much More!

Melodic alternative rock/metal band GONE BAD have been around for quite a while now, releasing a two track single called “Counting Days” back in 2014. A handful of demo’s and even a promo EP. The …Read More

Livonia Expresses Lots About Themselves and their Music!

U.K. based pop punks LIVONIA have their debut single “Talking”, out now with more material coming soon enough. Discover what more the band had to express about themselves and the music that they create. 1. …Read More

Stone Sea Talks of Sharing and Growing as a Band with Music Creativity!

Heavy alternative rock band STONE SEA have released three pieces of content, their debut album “Orgins”, followed by an EP “Vaporizer”, with follow-up EP “Mankind Maze”, with a handful of tracks depicting various styles of …Read More

Behind Our Reflections’ Fredo Discusses New Music and More!

Metalcore band BEHIND OUR REFLECTIONS formed back in 2014 and since then, have released a debut album “Discodance” with an all new single following titled “While I Sleep”. Another new single is in the works, …Read More

Paul Bartolome Gets Signed and Announces New Tour Dates!

United Kingdom pop/rock artist Paul Bartolome has signed with LEGEND Recordings worldwide. The announcement comes with a brand new single “Flashing Lights” as well two already released singles in “Heaven” featuring Jonny Craig and “Holy …Read More


To celebrate the gold certification of their debut album “The Drug in Me Is You”, FALLING IN REVERSE have shared the new song and video “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined.” Watch + listen HERE. …Read More


Japanese rock and metal act Lovebites have released a new song called “Signs Of Deliverance”. Check it out HERE.

The Relapse Symphony Releases New Single "Left Turns in New Jersey"

The Relapse Symphony have reunited after performing a comeback show back in 2019. Now that some time has gone by, the band has written and recorded an all new single titled “Left Turns in New …Read More

Until I Wake Says Much More Music Ready and Lots More in the Works!

Metalcore band UNTIL I WAKE have a fresh vibe with a uniqueness to their sound that is truly their own creation. “Sinking Under”, is their newest single, with more music to be released as they …Read More

The Unsung Talks of Much More Music and Show Playing to Come Soon!

Metalcore progressive band THE UNSUNG have two EP releases out “Rise” and “Sin Cera”, with even newer working’s set for release come the spring time! In the mean time the band plays to play some …Read More