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Russell James Says Much About New Single Among Other Things!

Pop artist RUSSEL JAMES has an all new single out and about called “Comedown”. With that said, why not come on down to find out what Russel James himself had to say about it, among …Read More

The Mound Builders Have a Discussion of New Album, Music, and Everything Else on Themselves

Sludge rockers THE MOUND BUILDERS have got a lot to say, when it comes to themselves, their new album and everything else involving their said music style. Find out the discussion from the whole band …Read More

High Moonlight Gives Us the Detail of Music and Much More!

Heavy metallers Brazilians HIGH MOONLIGHT give us quite the detail of their coming together, musical style of approach, new music that is in the works, with a lot whole more. 1. Please tell us about …Read More

The Radio Broadcast Chatters of the Duo Behind the Music!

Electronic act THE RADIO BROADCAST consists of two members solely believing in nothing BUT the music! That said, they have some content released so far, with plans in mind for some touring and shows to …Read More

Tragul Releases Lyrical Video for "The Hummingbird"

Tragul has released a new lyrical video of the track titled “The Hummingbird”. Check it HERE.

Chout Talks of Single, Album, and Influential Styling’s to Alice In Chains!

Rock band CHOUT have an all new single out “Seasons” that comes off their upcoming new album “Dogwater”. This Alice In Chains influential band is said to take off, just as Alice In Chains had …Read More

Good Times & Company says Lots About New Music and Much Happening with Them!

Alternative indie rockers GOOD TIMES & COMPANY have been hard at work upon their all new album titled “Cosmonaut”, expected this spring time! But before that happens, they do have other releases of content, that …Read More


Dream Theater have released a video of the song called “Paralyzed”. Check it HERE.


If there’s one thing Pinkie Pie loves more than planning parties, it’s laughing! Hear Pinkie Pie laugh with this ticklish figure that’s fun and silly like her character in entertainment. When kids tickle Oh My …Read More

She Made Me Do It’s Duo Discusses New EP Drenched with More to Come!

Electronic rock act SHE MADE ME DO IT have an all new EP out titled “Drenched”, and with it also comes some other releases, a show and much more in the coming months! Find out …Read More