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Why Millennials Insist On Being Judged By Their Work Product Not Their Wardrobe Because Anything else Is Racist, Sexist, Classist, Ageist And They Know It

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

….but when someone tries to tell you there is a right way and a wrong way to where standard nurse, doctor, medical assistant, hospital scrub pants more than the millennial is wrong here. When someone tells you the way you wear your scrub pants during dental school is “scandalous” (slightly rolled down at the waist versus snug just under your rib cage) like a corset it might be added, someone has gone off the micromanagement deep end and needs to come back; since doubted we’re talking ‘rolled down’ enough to show your belly button, belly button ring, a tattoo on your lower back, remember the scrub top, not likely tied up in an effort to look sexy. This isn’t an episode of Locked Up, Orange is the New Black or a rap video al-a Nikki Minaj….But if employers have relaxed their dress codes, millennials presence in the workforce has resulted in a workplace balance, compromise why are at risk, poor, disadvantaged, youth, younger workers participating in second chance programs still on the receiving end of lectures—to have a prayer you must dress like this, you must go above and beyond to compensate less for your past, the gaps in your résumé, skills you need to learn as a less experienced worker and more to compensate for your race, African American, Latino? Why do these instructors think they’ll need a suit and tie for the type of technical labor they’re slated to be doing…No offense to the Target workers rooting for ‘their young man,’ the public crossing their fingers hoping he got the job, happy for him when an ABC news follow up announced he had, yet neither should the better dressed applicant be deemed a better potential employee than the person only able to afford, put together a business casual outfit applying, interviewing for a fast food, retail, even entry level clerical position merely based on that alone.. Further advice via entrepreneur.com to not skimp on the details including personal grooming tidbits like tidy hair and clean fingernails don’t clearly have a race or sex attached, in their sights; code still easily read, while I’m shaking your hand I’ll subtly scrutinize your fingernails either because you are African American and I want to see if you pass muster to be treated like a human being or your young, a millennial and I’ve heard all the unkempt things about your generation [cough] you, oh and don’t forget, because I can. We know where this is going; soon it will be mandatory manicured nails for both men and women to prove you pass the class centered hygiene test…Yet considering both laws like the one passed last week in Mississippi (not where I live thank god) allowing ‘what violates someone’s religious principles’ to dictate their business’ dress code, potentially forcing women to wear makeup and the hot off the presses new rules highlighted in stories like Rouf’s, I can easily see myself and those like me wrongly mistaken for lesbian, transgender trying to imitate K.D. Lang, criticized for the metro-sexual look or worse, accused of trying to pass myself off as male for job opportunities, career advancement; crap no one needs especially those actively, honestly seeking work… Fact, Mark Zuckerberg did do it in a hoodie just as much because the hoodie had become synonymous with him, his trademark as he had a budding product to sell to interested people; meanwhile we have a 300 jobs job gap in America slated to grow exponentially as baby boomers continue to retire and employers aren’t discussing how to get millennials to lose the flip flops as much as haggling with them over variations on business casual, get your priorities straight. Read More