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Why the Tenets of Christianity Will Never Be Classified Hate Speech

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Gay relationships may be wrong, gay marriage may be wrong but, better question is, is it still wrong when the underlying plea is for respect, equal respect as human beings? Most would say not, and demanding respect as fellow human beings is not, demanding an end to that brand of hate is not; neither of which is labeling the pillars of Christianity hate speech…. And hating belief systems ripe to perpetuate exploitation and abuse, manipulation, conjuring of “fact” isn’t the same thing as determining a religious denomination hate speech… Hating that, hating institutions, no matter their origins, that facilitate, inequality, abuse, subjugation by gender, individuals who hypocritically do so isn’t the same thing as hate speech. Read More

Gay Marriage: Equality, Discrimination And the Difference Between Acceptance and Tolerance

proving this fight is about more than marriage… it truly is about gay people being people too. And just because they sin in the eyes of one religion, doesn’t mean they forfeit their human rights, their civil rights or their constitutional rights be that the constitution of the United States, the British constitution or the French. Read More