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Trump Rape Controversy and Other Political Theater What the Story Isn’t

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

…do we want to elect as a leader, another potential Bob Filner eventually indicted for years of sexual harassment, another possible Herman Cain who dropped out of the race as multiple women came forward alleging inappropriate workplace conduct, how about Dennis Hastert who broke banking laws in order to continue paying hush money to victims of his inappropriate relationships with boys as a high school coach, do we subject our country to another Anthony Weiner, the proclivities of Bill Clinton seeing the precursors now abundant in Trump we only knew later with them. Seeing what Bill Cosby got away with for so many years, despite his image, do we trust our nation, our future our women, girls, sisters, daughters to a man consistently making sexist comments who has to come out publically and declare he’s not a rapist? Read More