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George Zimmerman: As If There Was Any Serious Doubt To His Guilt There Isn’t Now

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Then there’s the evolving story that cropped up about 2 weeks ago as George Zimmerman put up for auction the gun he shot Trayvon Martin with, recently returned to him by police; one gun seller almost immediately taking it down, another auction site inundated with prank bids ranging in the millions, latest announcement—auction, on the one site willing to host it, is closed, bids in the double digit thousands. Reigniting old debates about race, individual rights and gun ownership in America; assuredly opening old wounds for Martin’s family as Zimmerman treats the death of their son via the gun he used, as a celebrity piece, as a means to an end to make money he admittedly says he will spend fighting the group Black Lives Matter and its supporters, in his mind, including democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Actions generating comments like Larry Whitmore’s spot on scathing assessment encapsulating it all: “who woke up this rotting piece of human excrement?”…Yes George Zimmerman is, independent of opinion, for better or for worse, a free American who is free to do what he wills with his possessions, in accordance with the law, including selling a controversial gun in the most public way possible. We as a society, a collective public are also free to express, sans violence and lawbreaking ourselves, our unease, our upset, our insistence that he not make a buck off of killing a teenager, however heroic he wants to paint himself to be. Graduating to a special kind of sick to use the auction as a means to come out publicly badmouthing and trashing his parents who ‘didn’t raise their son right [‘]…And we wonder why kids are so apt to fight, why Trayvon Martin resorted to his fists that night, because it’s a survival skill less for the mean gang banger, drug infested, dilapidated streets of the inner city and more and more for ordinary suburbia, the modern day classroom, not from their fellow students, bullies 2 grades up, but their teachers, school resource officers, beyond school, zealot neighborhood watch wannabes. They never know when or if someone, an adult, an authority figure, random person on the street is going to hit them, punch them, choke them, tackle them, sit on them till they can’t breathe, cut them, shoot them, kill them.Read More

Young Black Male Thug Subculture: Let’s Talk About the White, Middle Aged to Elderly, Thuggery as the Standard Culture

Currently, while you have the legal right to stand your ground, standing your ground is not always the right, best thing to do; stand your ground is not, never was carte blanche to injure maim and kill people. Read More