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We’re Praising Michael Moore Again: Tell Me it’s an Early 2000’s Bad Dream

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

The problem with Were to Invade, beyond the absurdity of its foundation, isn’t that so many countries are getting it right and we’re getting it wrong, or that we haven’t won a war since WWII, times have changed, isn’t just that he blatantly ignores problems had by these countries he presents as virtual utopias compared to us; it’s a combination of who these, sometimes tiny, obscure countries are and the much bigger why we’re not getting it right and other places are…. ? When will we recognize, remember the French are characterized as food snobs for a reason, others are education snobs and rather than twist ourselves inside out worrying about what another country is doing, own our individual identity, provide well rounded, good tasting food to school children, educate them in a way that fosters knowledge and learning not regurgitated test answers, cease arguments over content or format, shunning interactive technology to bring children up to an adult level to keep pace with habitual cheaters in a race that doesn’t matter anyway? Read More