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New App Godsend for Parents or another Bad Idea?

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

. Odds are they too feel pressured by technology, always wondering what the parent on the other end of their phone wants, seeing the word mom in the who’s calling section and immediately wondering what they did wrong, what they are going to have to pick up this time or why they are being summoned home NOW! Why do we think those feelings only apply to us and why do we again feel the need to transfer them to our kids, all valid questions we should be answering before being enthralled with a new app. Read More

Boston’s Pop/Rock Band One Step Away Selected As ‘iWantJam Endorsed Artist’

The Legendary Headhunters Deliver A Bravura Collection Guest Artists Include Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Killah Priest, And More

Since the release of their first EP in 2008, One Step Away have been a very active band, performing live and trying to growing their fanbase,” said iWantJam founder Moataz El-Gohary.Read More

The News Networks’ SOPA Blackout

Opposition to the bill has reached a boiling point. Millions of activists, hundreds of startups, social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter and even big companies like Google, Yahoo! and eBay have joined with Free Press and other Internet advocacy groups against it.Read More