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9 Year Old Kills Shooting Instructor Where the Heck is Child Services?

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Further, as speaking ill of the dead as it may seem, neither is the instructor blameless; a gun happy parent living a life a-la Duck Dynasty wanting their child to learn about guns is hardly new, only things changing, the ferociousness of guns involved. To that end, what instructor in their right mind would see a 9 year old who looks all of 9, wearing pink shorts, hair in a classic pony tail and agree to let her fire a gun, particularly an Uzi; a man with a daughter himself, why wouldn’t he walk off the job if mandated by his boss to fulfill her parent’s ghastly request?Read More

Gun Control Does Not Equal an End to Gun Violence- the Gun Debate We’re not Having

Piers Morgan even had the unmitigated gall to compare the Sandy Hook shooting to the knifing in China transpiring the very same day under similar circumstances; both he and Mr. Lawford agreeing the Chinese situation was a victory, because all the children attacked lived. Here is no victory…victory is it not happening in the first place. Read More