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Why Mika Brzezinski Is Wrong About Work Culture, What Exactly Needs To Change

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

When will we start punishing actual bad behavior, proportionally punishing at that, instead of just blatantly generation bashing, particularly millennials, and the positives they’ve brought to the workforce? Read More

Artists Have Day Jobs Because No One Values Art, Artists Or Artisans Anymore

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

And of course the, looming for decades now, reality that the internet has ‘reduced’ journalism to anyone with a blog, has given rise to multi-million, multi-billion dollar communications entities who are under the mistaken impression that ‘because everyone has a blog,’ ‘everyone is vying for that all important breakout moment, exposure’ they can treat established writers, field artisans the same, by not paying them simply dangling before them the ‘honor’ of being placed in well-known magazine, newspaper X. This combined with growing understanding that the arena of journalism, op-ed writing, even more creative venues, i.e. fiction books, highly successful ones, has been virtually eating itself alive, not just the changing landscape of writing mediums in the digital age, has led to artists ‘working for free,’ not to be confused with creators who can’t find their lucrative niche, didn’t negotiate to get paid, paid enough, the accusation Jennifer Lawrence wrongly leveled at herself and media was all too happy to run with, or choose the right job to earn a wage. Dido with exclusively art, whether you’re doing actual painting or digital variations, it’s bigger than the concrete, immovable truth it’s less versatile, useful than jewelry people can wear, pottery that has more than an esthetic function. It isn’t the newfangled psychology behind the art, the new medium unworthy of a bona-fide artist trying to be a modern Van Gogh; it’s how artists have to alter an intensely personal form of self-expression to get it to sell for money they can actually eat on, be displayed in a gallery for minimal compensation…. Brooks, who bitterly embodies the phrase those who can’t do teach, an educator who can’t grasp, seemingly for the life of her, that writing is an inherent talent to be honed not a skill to be taught, learned the same way you assimilate 2+2, different levels of writing require different levels of skill, lastly academic writing is a sector of writing wholly removed unto itself still; blasting high school writers struggling with 20 page papers, incidentally the ballpark for my college English major capstone senior essay circa 2006, Brooks writing in 2011, that’s excluding the ones today who have moved to a faculty reviewed portfolio and a reflection essay of 3-5 pages. For immediate historical reference, a decade ago when I was completing said college program 20-25 pages was the maximum for an undergraduate final experience essay, 50 for a master’s thesis and 100 for a doctorate. And to be abundantly clear artists have day jobs because they are forced to not because they want to…but millennials are just lazy, just refuse to work unless it’s under their optimum conditions. No, the remaining lucky ones, extremely industrious ones, adventurous ones go engineer their optimum conditions by starting their own company founded on the work principles they cherish when mainstream employers, college professors exc. tell them their optimum conditions are impossible….oh and women apologize a to inanimate objects for bumping into them out of respect to the people whom the objects belong, not because they are socially wired to be meek, demur and say sorry regularly and spontaneously. Read More