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2nd Democratic Debate: Paris Attacks Shift Focus to National Security

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton essentially spent the night sparing over foreign policy leaving behind a, analyst purported, out of his depth Bernie Sanders; still Bernie Sanders throughout the debate doing a stellar job of pivoting questions back around to his key campaign markers, far better than Marco Rubio did on the republican side… On domestic issues the economy, healthcare, immigration it was an exact mirror of the last debate an, albeit civil, back and forth about how to pay for aids to the middle class, bettering minimum health, opportunity encompassing all, getting slightly more interesting… Democrats were the only ones to bring up race relations or gun control, the mass carceral state, the protests on the University of Missouri campus regarding racism concerns other than to laugh at it when asked or call the resigning presidents at that institution weak… Again, definite voter in 2016, Hillary Clinton gets my vote… Not because Bernie Sanders exhibited analyst highlighted weakness on foreign policy, has a completely different reason for running for president, not because Martin O’Malley’s answers on terror, international relations we’re good; he didn’t have a point on being more long sighted and forward thinking in dealing with the rest of the world. It was that her answers were better…Read More

3rd GOP Debate: The Third Time’s The Charm for Some Candidates But Should It Be a Charm for Anyone

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

How is Ben Carson on top in the polls; how is it that Marco Rubio won the night? How is Ted Cruz where he is, how has Rand Paul moved up in the polls far enough to where only Christie and Huckabee are now booted from the next debate stage forced to participate in the undercard matchup beforehand? The problem here isn’t media bias it’s public response…all of the above, why I won’t be voting republican. Read More

Kentucky County Clerk Judicial Tyranny versus Religious Freedom: She Didn’t Have to Go to Jail and there is no ‘Criminalization of Christianity’

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Appeals dried up, warnings falling on deaf ears, grinding to a halt the marriage license division of the county clerk’s office, to say nothing of the media circus descending on such a small town, hints why Ms. Davis again found herself before a judge two weeks ago Thursday on a contempt of court charge subsequently jailed when the judge did find legal grounds for that contempt. Not for practicing her faith, praying at work over a meal, her lunch, not for sharing the gospel with random people in or out of her office (proselytizing), not for having a personal conversation with someone and mentioning Jesus, not for inviting a coworker to a bible study or her church, not for reading her bible at work while on break, not for preaching in the street or speaking out against that which she finds immoral, rather for not doing her job, and worse for expecting the law, the government to give her a pass on religious grounds.Read More