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Why Copenhagen will Never Work in the U.S.

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Re-post original creation date 2009…The Denmark model still has bigger issues than public perception of conservation or government policies; on many practical levels the models would not work for countries, like the US, with large populated landmasses. The whole of Denmark is roughly the size of Minnesota, so in discussing replacement of traditional gas stations with electric outlets designed for cars to be able to plug in and charge or battery exchange stations for long cross country trips, they are talking both less dollars in replacement of technology and less exchange stations needed. Many people in Copenhagen bike to work, school stores, that becoming the primary mode of transportation other than public transit systems; however biking, and the other popular alternative walking, presents problems. Not just in terms of out of shape Americans not physically healthy enough to pull it off, but in terms of weather extremes, hot and cold that make it next to impossible to bike or walk even the majority of the time. In Copenhagen it is done only April through October; persons interviewed for a PBS special leading up to the climate summit said nothing about what they do the rest of the year. Other obstacles in America or major cities worldwide are walking becomes dangerous with so many cars on the road; America cannot afford the daunting infrastructure changes necessary to make things safer for pedestrians. Walking and biking also make you more of a target for crime, ripe for the picking when it comes to theft and assault. Read More