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Why President Obama May Love This Country More Than the ‘Red Blooded’ Icons We Associate With the Concept

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Never has it been a president “too cool for school,” unaffected by the senseless slaughter of citizens, ours or someone else’s, but a president who knows when to take care of himself to take care of a nation, a president who loves his country so much he is willing to play a smarter game in a different era, toward a more lofty goal, so there is a vigilance, a watch on terror not a forever war on terror. Read More

Scandal Addicted Washington the Republican Congressional Distraction Machine

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

…speaker John Boehner vowing to sue Obama citing misuse of executive order echoing fellow tea party members, republicans who exclaim regularly we did not elect a monarch in chief, often referring to him as dictator in chief or king Obama. First it was the outrage centering on the administration not doing enough to bring Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl home; next it was how they went about retrieving Bergdahl and getting him home…And when the dust had begun to settle a little too much on the dubious POW, they used it as an excuse to once again open the worn out Benghazi… the IRS scandal having ceased to be about unfairly targeted conservative, assumed conservative groups seeking tax exempt status devolving into Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails, shouts about appallingly poor performance ranging from maleficence to incompetence to potential conspiracy…This, this is what passes for governance in the 113 congress…Read More

Obamacare Fact Check: What the President Really Promised, What He Actually Delivered

Health insurance is only different in its level of importance; you don’t get to just pay for what you use. Never have you been able to do that, and never was the Affordable care Act described as an á-la-carte medical service.Read More

Sequester Crisis or No Crisis?

The sequester is of greater significance in terms of being completely unnecessary. Read More

Debate Round 2 President Wins By a Nose

It is what is revealed by the numbers and half-truths used by all republicans in this election cycle, from the primaries to now that have, should have us all worried.Read More