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Women Getting Thus Giving the Wrong Message

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Want to make things better for everyone across all walks of life, all sections of society, all workplaces, stop blaming gender pay gap disparities on women as failed negotiators instead of the negotiation payment structure itself… stop telling women to do it like a man, engage in the same brash decision making, demanding instant gratification type results. Stop making negotiation the cornerstone of how people get paid discounting skills, tangible measurements oriented evaluation…Stop setting women in management up to fail by handing them train wrecks and expecting miracles, firing them when they can’t deliver; end making them tokens in the management hierarchy only to use them as scapegoats for something already failing before they came aboard, exactly what happened in all the women CEO cases now causing second thoughts. Read More

Girls Don’t Want to be Leaders? Perhaps it’s Time We Redefine Leadership

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Proving the whole structure of leadership, our concept of leaders and leadership needs to change before more women, people period will engage; leadership based on commanding respect by demonstration of skill, working well with all types of people, cultivating a workplace of respect where everyone’s ideas are heard and discussed to reach X goal, improve things within departments, grow the company or create what a client wants. Understanding leadership takes on many facets usually involving a fair amount of mentoring…Or if you find yourself like Jazz in a position with something to teach the country, the world as a whole, by holding your life, your existence, your accomplishments, your efforts towards something up as an example, just by essentially being who you are and refusing to back down, to change exponentially because a few say you should, that too is a form of leadership. Too bad researchers missed that, to this day don’t know that. Read More

Women and Confidence: Is There Now a Glass Cliff Rather Than a Glass Ceiling?

women obtain 57% of bachelor’s degrees yet only occupy 18% of seats in congress and just under 17% of board seats at the largest companies; here’s a hint, they don’t want it…. Short and to the point, not every woman wants to be like a man; not every woman suffers from this mythical penis envy.

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Banning Bossy: Talk About The Wussification Of America

But Sandberg’s push isn’t targeting educators, mentors involved in shaping school children, having specific contact with girls throughout critical stages of their lives, focusing on expanding their horizons so they can better help leading women of tomorrow, including changing their feelings on the word bossy…her campaign is a sound bite possessing about as much substance saying: ban bossy fix 90% of women’s issues, wholly and utterly not true.Read More

Some Advice Sheryl Sandberg: Use the Pages of Your Book to Stuff Your Bra, Pad Your Heels but Don’t Tell Women How to Function in the Workplace

She’s writing a book full of lessons she herself cannot follow which at best makes her a hypocrite and at worst an extremely bad example. Read More