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4th GOP Debate: Biggest Losers the American People

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Stand out moments, good or bad, included Donald Trump referencing the mass deportation of 1.5 million illegal immigrants by Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950’s though, conveniently leaving off the operations derogatory name, Jeb Bush giving points to the opposition remarking the tone of the immigration debate conversation was causing the Clinton campaign to do high fives, something a Clinton staffer then tweeted on twitter. Rand Paul challenged Marco Rubio on what defines a conservative considering his want to add trillions more in spending for both child tax credits and military upgrades; Ted Cruz pulling a Rick Perry citing 5 agencies he would eliminate from the federal government ‘to pay to defend this nation,’ actually only naming 4, repeating the department of commerce twice. Ben Carson played off attacks on his past making a joke to the moderator thanking him for not asking him what he said in the 10th grade, deflecting focus off of him by drudging up Hillary Clinton and her alleged lie to the American people, victim’s families over Benghazi; back to the lighter side, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump created laughs at least among astute analysts and audience members when they equally claimed to have met Russian president Putin. One while doing 60 Minutes, filmed in completely different places just running side by side, the other in a not green room like setting that probably was related to a business meeting. Again it was what was happening around the debate, both before and after that was almost as important as the debate itself, people nearly debated out; Ben Carson and Donald Trump sparing over key events in Carson’s past detailed in his published autobiography Gifted Hands, Trump calling out the absurdity of the trying to stab a friend story where the knife went into the other teens belt buckle…. the subsequent Paris terror attacks 3 days later rattling the entire western world drawing all the more scrutiny to said views and changing candidates’ focus. Their follow up target immigration of a different kind, Syrian refugees most candidates joining the litany of republican governors telling the Whitehouse ‘no refugees here…All in all it was a pointless do over neither hurting nor helping candidates; also annoying, if not boring, the American public with repetitive, non-substantive “solutions.”Read More

GOP Debate Round 2 Trump’s Star Finally Falling And Who Else’s Rising that Maybe Shouldn’t Be?

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Carly Fiorina who thinks your only criteria to support women’s rights is to be a woman according to a confrontation with a Planned Parenthood supporter who asked her why she was against women’s healthcare, naming her statistics wrong and when asked how she could be called a supporter of women’s rights considering her position on healthcare, Fiorina’s almost flippant response was ‘I am I woman.’ But she’s who won the night; she’s who’s moving up in the polls along with her fellow policies outsiders, never held an office Trump and Carson. God bless America; sadly the plea of sane people is got help America, because no one else will, not even itself. Read More

Kentucky County Clerk Judicial Tyranny versus Religious Freedom: She Didn’t Have to Go to Jail and there is no ‘Criminalization of Christianity’

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Appeals dried up, warnings falling on deaf ears, grinding to a halt the marriage license division of the county clerk’s office, to say nothing of the media circus descending on such a small town, hints why Ms. Davis again found herself before a judge two weeks ago Thursday on a contempt of court charge subsequently jailed when the judge did find legal grounds for that contempt. Not for practicing her faith, praying at work over a meal, her lunch, not for sharing the gospel with random people in or out of her office (proselytizing), not for having a personal conversation with someone and mentioning Jesus, not for inviting a coworker to a bible study or her church, not for reading her bible at work while on break, not for preaching in the street or speaking out against that which she finds immoral, rather for not doing her job, and worse for expecting the law, the government to give her a pass on religious grounds.Read More

2014 Election Results: I Don’t Like the Current Party So Let’s Vote for the Other Guy

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

It makes one wonder too, how you can be paying attention, examining all the facts and not be a much villainized democrat, liberal, progressive or all three; even if you don’t agree with everything president Obama does, how can you not be behind what he is trying to do, the direction he is attempting to point our country into-the next years of the 21st century? Read More

Standing Up for Values Doesn’t Mean Abandoning all Logic, Reason and Common Sense

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

..first and foremost, standing up for values doesn’t mean creating your own concepts and purporting them as fact to prove your point, manipulating faith/religion, morality to mean what you want it to mean in order to get your way…Likewise adhering to your values, your interpretation of solid morality doesn’t mean hiding behind religious freedom to openly discriminate against women, minorities and people you don’t like… Standing up for values doesn’t mean ignoring basic fact, clear evidence…Neither does demonstrating your values, proving you live according to a set of values mean constantly throwing up red herrings, manufacturing instances supposedly showcasing people on the opposite side of your argument, your political opposition don’t have values, have the “wrong” values, nor does it mean making a fool of yourself, alerting people to how willfully uneducated you are in the name of values.Read More

Shutdown’s Unforeseen Consequences: A Government of Shame, A Nation out of Patients

Yes let’s all hail Mr. Cruz as a hero for standing up to Washington instead of the wing nut who derailed it in the worst of ways. The resounding chorus of the American people: I don’t think so. Read More