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Millennials Aren’t Useless We Just Think They Are

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Blatantly disregarded are the millennials living on their parents couch who, despite the trend, the projection are working medial labor, minimum wage jobs gotten in high school, college currently trying to pay down massive student loan debt, who have delayed buying homes, sometimes cars [cough gratification] to do so. And that stereotypical teeny bopper, air head who isn’t doing so good at the local pizza palace, burger barn or Gap store will eventually find where they fit in best getting jobs as CNA’s, home health aides, dental assistants, multiple social services degrees, positions, receptionists who will remain in the job because they like working, interacting with people; ironically most for less than the standard 4 year college or tech school degree, the fate of older millennials born 1980 to 1990. Far from useless considering the growing healthcare industry, the growing need for elder care, special needs, adults with developmental issues like autism care, hmmm. Read More