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Schaquana Spears, Shanavia Miller And The Dangerous Precedent Of Non-Punishment For Parental Domestic Violence

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Update, no charges for Schaquana Spears not that there was much hope to start with news anchors recording area prosecutor’s blatantly biased view on what transpired from the very beginning…Child services at least somewhat smarter than Louisiana’s graying prosecutor noting they did see fit to remove the 13 year old placing him with a relative, yet what about her other 5 kids, particular attention given to her 12 year old who had lacerations that broke skin? You’re just going to leave him there, his 10 year old brother too; he escaped with a scratch on his hand this round, what about next time both DA and child services? Isn’t it basic procedure to remove all children when investigating potential abuse; charges not pursued doesn’t mean no evidence of abuse since child services apparently had solid grounds to remove their 13 year old brother, state mounting no objection. Why not relocate with relatives, into foster care, at minimum, the other 2 children she hit, regardless stated reasons why referencing physical evidence? Where are the mandated parenting classes giving this woman more, obviously much needed tools to manage her kids, regular CPS checks ensuring hers remains a safe home for her younger children as they age, community supports to local Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, places her older children can go while she works and be supervised, engaged, mentored? Maybe someone should beat you with that same RCA cord, based on the decision you made, until you have lacerations on both your arms, linear marks on your legs shoulder, back and stomach, sure to break skin on one of your arms like the 12 year old you sent back there DA Moore, child services caseworker who had this come across your desk, see if it constitutes abuse to you then… But Ms. Spears is just a mother, a mother who should be put up for mother of the year awards not labeled the bad guy, a criminal, all that legal common knowledge going out the window, DA’s choices according to readers, commenters deemed reasonable when cataloging specific facts denoting Spears’ family situation; children’s father not in the picture because he is serving time in prison, her desire to keep them from walking the same path, making the same wrong choices. Media helping that trope right along, doing it again: watering down, sanitizing what Spears did to fit national perceptions of its acceptability; anchor saying she swatted her kids for what they did refusing to see them in jail or dead. Except A- her children aren’t flies, insects you swat away, B- she wasn’t using a flyswatter, her open hand when she hit them, nor were they spanked exclusively on the buttocks with a belt indicative of punishment, steep punishment related to burglary. What she did carries all the markers of learning her kids took something from a lady’s home, herding them to their house and, moment doors were closed, ranting, raving, charging through her house looking for anything to hit them with, locating that infamous RCA cord, later the belt, hitting them indiscriminately wherever she could reach; surprising there weren’t marks on their faces. Schaquana Spears you are “the bad guy” because what you thought discipline crosses the line to abuse; your approach to handling your kids, instilling right from wrong only sets them up to act out more….Concurrently for all we know, upon learning the father was in prison, they miss him, they did this to go see him, they want to stay with him, even in jail because, for whatever reason, they don’t like mom; stupid from our point of but exactly how a child’s mind works. What do we want to bet the other strong, strong likelihood in their house is that every time they didn’t clean their room, fought with their siblings, got in minor trouble at school, did poorly on a test, despite her assertions they were in gifted programs, on honor roll; facts that are perplexingly incongruent with their breaking and entering, adding more suspicions other things are going on here, they got differing variations on ‘do you wanna end up just like your daddy, locked up just like your daddy, in jail/prison like your daddy?’ Every time she saw a personality trait reminding her of their father same scenario, they get lectured at for being who they are, put down for traits they’re still learning to hone through the difficulty of adolescence, hearing that for years. Twice as impactful because it came from mom, reaching their spirit, souls because it’s mom disparaging their dad to their faces, telling them not to be like him in any way, shape or form not just his mistakes, bad decisions; divorced parents advised never to badmouth the children’s non-custodial parent to them, infinitely more important here. Leaving the child’s mindset: well if that’s what mommy thinks I am/where I’ll end up, might as well…Further elaborating on previous paragraph statements her approach to discipline will cause more, not less, acting out; we know, from the same school research, constant harsher punishment, scrutiny, harassment and degrading by school officials throughout every level, creates fear, fear of the minor infraction, translating into running from cops later in life, fearing those same minor infractions, traffic tickets, child support, loose cigarettes. Carrying that over, how high are chances spankings, let’s call them what they are, beatings like the ones documented in police reporting are regular in Spears’ home causing fear of minor infractions, not so minor infractions; child’s mindset being if I’m going to get hit for every tiny thing I do wrong, might as well know what I’m getting hit for, be hit for something I want since it doesn’t seem to matter either way. Assuming she’s right about her children’s academics, this is the first serious thing they’ve done beyond breaking house rules, did something happen to 1, all 3 of them; were they beaten up, molested, wrongly accused of stealing reviving our recurring theme: of, you’re going to accuse me, I might as well do it….We don’t know and neither does Schaquana Spears. Problem neither does she care; not cognizant enough, possessing the wherewithal to conclude anything on that list could be part of the problem… Shanavia Miller another in a long line of social media shaming parents alerting us to just how bad America’s collective parenting is becoming, who think it is perfectly ok to shame, humiliate and abuse their children on the internet, who have zero qualms about making their business public to prove they are a bad ass parent, they got this, show all their friends what happened to their kid when they ‘defy’ mom or dad. Striking, in every one of these is, it’s what you don’t hear or see in the video, references not made to prior conversations on the topic at hand, whether it was fair distribution of chores in relation to laptop shooting dad, recognition of what his daughter does do at home. There’s woefully lacking any indication there will be a rational, instructive conversation on what not to post on social media and key, why, sexuality, safe sex, whether discussing One Direction ticket mom or Miller’s 16 year old daughter’s posting pictures, possible sexual activity, that there will ever be a rational, calm conversation about subjects presented in said YouTube, Facebook films. Instead what we do hear is a series of easily discernable ignorant, uneducated statements you’d be more apt to hear from a 16 year old than her parent, Spears’ 13, 12 and 10 year old boys, not their mother… Instead of primary focus being her daughter, what she’s missing at home causing her to do this, what’s really going on in her head when posting that type of picture, what will be done to mitigate damage caused by it, it’s all about the parent; from almost the very beginning it’s about you wanna embarrass me on TV, on social media, you forget I know motherfuckers proving her concern is not her daughters online reputation, possible solicitation from older men, predators based on what she put up, future ability to get into college, her boss, her school finding out, it’s about her and who she knows, who will think less of her because of what her daughter did… We will do anything but send a message to parents if you do this, it’s abuse for which you will be prosecuted; standard for all extreme and more traditional methods, hot saucing for lying, swearing, ass whopings going a step further and cravenly tacking it up on social media oblivious to you might be called a child abuser, so convinced of their own rightness, shocked they could under basic penal code statutes, stretching back decades, none of the new ‘outlawing spanking nonsense’ wind up in jail. Encouragement to do it but keep it behind closed doors is not only sick, wrong, twisted, it will not protect you from the law if you are guilty of abusing our future not just yours.Read More

No You Can’t Blame the Press For This One It’s The Candidates’ And The Public’s Own Mess

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Oh yes when we don’t like something reach for that old go to— blaming the media after all it takes the heat of you and is a convenient story almost anyone can believe, especially cozied up next to its twin bias in the media exhibited by the dueling networks of MSNBC and Fox News, rival print media The New York Times and the Washington Post, missteps at say CBS’ 60 Minutes, hosts still thriving in talk radio pushing one political side alone; a phenomenon that started, hard for some to comprehend, before this election cycle, even before the days when Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan’s latest shenanigans hit the morning shows, Alek Baldwin was assaulting photographers, LeBron James’ choice of professional basketball team warranted mention on a national news program and Mel Gibson garnered as much of a name for himself as a celebrity fallen from grace prone to drunk driving arrests and racist rants over his extensive acting, directing body of work. And it worked for Ben Carson deflecting questions about the veracity surrounding events in his autobiography, Ted Cruz used it to get through more than one debate boiling serious questions facing Americans regarding the candidates down to the satire of “are you a comic book villain,” Ben Carson can you do math” exc., simultaneously democrat Bernie Sanders told the entire world he was sick and tired of hearing about her (Secretary Hillary Clinton’s) damn e-mails plainly wanting to focus on voters issues…Enter an article posted on Salon.com allegedly exposing 3 big ways the press, reporters of news and information to the people, have failed us this election cycle including a brief history citing other media egregious leanings to one glaringly skewed side of partisan politics, misshaping the truth by sidestepping, omitting whole sections of the situation, subject under discussion, bad, by that meaning incompetent, irresponsible reporting using that other modern stock go to— 9/11 and it’s coverage. Despite clear, fact supported, implicating of Fox News in the staggering percentage of disinformation permeating the American public about U.S. military conflict, vis-à-vis the Iraq war, specifically imaginary links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, they expand that to all news outlets, print as well as television in discussing the press’ significant let down of voters approaching 2016. Accusations they essentially covered Trump too much…endless election coverage especially on primary and caucus election nights leading to show anchors on CNN, MSNBC counting votes before they’re cast, calling it, election results too early, causing voters, yet to cast their ballots, make their decision on paper to stay home believing the election already over. Finally ignoring real, bona fide news related to the election, voting and how inherently rigged our system is—valiantly exposed by Bernie Sanders, surprise, surprise according to writer, Sophia A. McClennen…No the mainstream media is not responsible for making Donald Trump the republican nominee, unduly helping, never mind creating, any presidential nominee to date…“This time we witnessed a race called before any votes had been cast. On June 5, the Associated Press called the Democratic nomination for Clinton based solely on the interviewing of super delegates, who do not cast their votes until the Democratic Convention on July 25.” Except, though super delegates aren’t ever going to be the whole story, their opinions were simply confirming the blatantly obvious acknowledging Clinton won by an overwhelming margin of pledged delegates (being those assigned to a singular candidate), not merely super delegates alone… Under the subheading ignoring the real news Ms. McClennen meant news pertaining to the election and election outcomes noting subsequently listed items encountered upon continued reading, but again she’s thinking only of the cable news opportunities where they cover this for hours and hours a day; still they have to cover other breaking, up to the minute happenings. Some other needed to be covered topics, events: shootings in a Colorado planned parenthood, San Bernardino’s terror attack, Orlando’s nightclub attack hate crime and terror fueled massacre, Egypt Air flight 804 going missing, weather, tornados, floods, fires ravaging the west, terror attacks in both France and Bustles, the shocking shooting of UK parliament member Jo Cox, the UK’s brit-x vote, to name only a fraction of headline worthy things taking place around the nation, across the globe people would wish to know about, seek information concerning…. These 2 paragraphs up to this very line showcasing an abject failure to understand the primary process, primary, voting rules…And please stop saying there was no follow up on voter suppression stories to favor Hillary over Bernie Sanders who would have won but for voter suppression engineered by the DNC… chief reason we haven’t heard anymore is in both Arizona and New York a decision has been rendered…levance may have been a key player too as it began to matter less in terms of delegate math whether or not Bernie Sanders could have won any massively voter oppressed state mentioned…Remember it wasn’t that Trump supporters hadn’t heard his controversial statements, hadn’t heard a better candidate from either, any party better speaking to their issues and certainly not because of skewed media coverage, it’s that they liked what he had to say and appeared to drastically down play negative implications of his rhetoric and policies even when presented with it; issues not fixed by changing media coverage, format, content. Read More

Donald Trump Isn’t Crazy Obnoxious He has Dementia and Ted Cruz Just Revealed A Spanking Fetish Then Drops out Of The Race: These Are Our Presidential Candidates

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

That delusional senile dementia so much as is in the realm of public thinking related to Trump is another giant red flag, worse the Daily Kos’ rational behind using the aforementioned type of dementia to describe, we can’t reiterate this enough, the front running republican presidential candidate; it’s more than just interesting to see them put Trumps statements, many cataloged here, through the lens of impaired judgement associated with mental decline, more than just intriguing to hear how many episodes of ‘faulty memory’ he’s had and it could indeed point to more than a politician being a politician, paying little attention to his words and spouting off whatever will make crowds cheer the loudest wherever he happens to be but that he probably can’t remember what he said less because of world wind campaign schedules and more due to brain disease. Daily Kos telling every bit the truth when they stated Trump’s childish behavior requires the least elaboration doing it anyway, to a different purpose than calling out a spoiled billionaire, rather indicating mental degradation… Remember we’re not just talking about quite seriously electing someone with a mental illness suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, our president joining the millions of Americans who succeed despite their mental health diagnosis to go on leading productive, functional, fulfilling lives, putting a positive, aware face on what you can accomplish with mental health and medical science, who takes their medication, sees their doctor, mental health professional regularly and takes care of themselves, makes healthy lifestyle choices based on caring for their mental health condition. We are talking about it in the context of a person running for, garnering votes for the highest office in the land whose behavior strongly suggests they are medically, mentally unhealthy and receiving no needed treatment… Switching ideological fallacy gears….“This kid who yelled, “You suck!” at Cruz is in the right. Cruz does suck. In the face of this frankly inarguable point, Cruz doesn’t even really try to defend himself. Instead, he pulls rank, demanding that the child pretend that Cruz doesn’t suck. And not because Cruz has earned this deference but because, as an adult, he feels entitled to it. The rapturous applause he got suggests that this is exactly the message conservative audiences want: That they deserve to win not because they have better arguments, but because they feel entitled to be in charge. And anyone who disagrees should simply get a spanking.” Begging the question what the heck is wrong with the American electorate, it is one thing to ponder the plausible fact Donald Trump even aging members of the Republican Party are in the throes of mental decline on a varying scale; it’s another thing entirely to see the throngs of followers trailing behind them, voting for them, spreading their visually twisted ideologies for them. It’s one thing for Ted Cruz to advocate spanking children under the scientifically proven misguided thought pattern it makes better disciplined, harder workers, more moral people, be extremely candid and let people know he uses spanking in his house; the booming crowd cheering him on in spite of his other, observers weren’t wrong, creepy moments are another phenomenon altogether. Proving America’s mental status, America’s emotional, logical wellbeing is in trouble not just the politicians, the elites, the ‘average Joe’s’ too. Read More