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“When I Grew Up, Those Things Weren’t Called Racist”: Clint Eastwood On Why He’s Voting For Donald Trump—A Critique

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Who could forget last election cycle Clint Eastwood’s, viewed strange, monologue recitation to a chair meant to represent president Obama? Where he, among general observations standing out, mumbled frequently and filled gaps repeating the word uh a lot; impersonated our sitting, then up for reelection (obviously), president interrupting him, telling candidate Romney, our intrepid speaker of the hour both to shut up at several points. Purported the suggestion Mr. Romney go f- himself; imaginings president Obama told Eastwood he too could go f- himself at another juncture, after saying something he wouldn’t like…People back then generating predictable mixed reactions, from viewers, analysts who thought it was republican swill to about time, a larger swath seeing the prolific actor, director, even composer as fragile, senile and out of his depth. Yet, considering Eastwood’s personal politics, shaking off reserved shadows once again sharing his views, it was little surprise he was back this year commenting on, even going so far as to assuage people’s curiosity telling readers he was voting for Donald Trump; however, it was his additional comments on society today that raised eyebrows. In an interview for Esquire he said of Trump and current culture in general, title lines spawning Salon’s piece and subsequently mine: “When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.” Pontificating everyone was walking on eggshells and how Trump was onto something because people are secretly tried of political correctness, kissing up, calling such actions the kiss-ass generation, elaborating: “we’re really in a pussy generation.” Not included either by Eastwood himself, the Salon or Esquire authors so much as a singular example describing exactly what he alone has been called out for regarding racism, sexism, what he believes are over the top examples of political correctness calling something racist or sexist when it isn’t. We could be talking fan uproar swirling around black Hermione in stage adapted Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was actually more about author JK Rowling’s character/casting inconsistencies, constant contradicting trickle down information pieces, characters’ background tidbits that don’t match series norms never mind shattering fan generated images accompanying their beloved Potter-verse. Or we could be talking substantive elements, without more information we’ll never know…or doesn’t recognize it, partly due to his age, times he did grow up in, where American once was. Renowned actor breaking down his thoughts on Trump comments voiced disparaging the judge overseeing Trump University lawsuit proceedings, calling attacking said judge’s Mexican heritage and suggesting that renders him unfit to decide outcomes pertaining to his case from a fair, legal-based standpoint merely a stupid thing to say. Directly afterwards highlighting both sides say a lot of them (stupid things); stating everybody, press were making a big hoodoo out of it when they should just f-ing get over it…We can’t just f-ing get over it because, he isn’t you, he isn’t just an actor, a however good one with untold credits to their name and a stellar reputation. He is vying for the highest office in the land, completing job application materials toward hopefully becoming commander in chief demanding a higher standard of conduct, conversation; and he speaks this way about our melting pot country, on countless fundamental topics not simply immigration…. . Unfortunately, we can’t just f-ing get over it; we must repudiate it because, Trump has already gotten as far as he has encountering few stumbling blocks. Because it sounds too much like Phil Robertson, who closed 2013 comparing homosexuality and bestiality, as if they were one in the same, and said he never saw an unhappy black person picking cotton circa the Jim Crow south. His failure to recognize, in his decrying entitlement, welfare, purposefully creating a population of second class citizens, second class human beings with whites only eateries, public restrooms, drinking fountains, public bus seats, schools was, is and always will be wrong. Reiterating, Donald Trump’s comments, satisfying though they may be to his avid listeners, were and always will be wrong as well, regardless who endorses them, supports them, and by extension him, encourages others to do so…. Confronting Eastwood’s asserted assessments, dismal stated descriptions of current American culture, it’s not rampant political correctness gone awry, social sensitivity run amuck hamstringing people so completely they can’t tell the needed, uncomfortable truth to expect people running for public office, particularly our nation’s highest office, reaching bona fide nominee status, certified by voters, to have their facts straight… Nor is it political correctness on steroids, gone horribly wrong, kissing up, walking on eggshells to dare require of political leaders, known names, influential persons understanding their words have increased power, significant weight. To that end, they should be careful with them comprehending; quoting Hillary Clinton, words matter. Following up another Salon piece challenging Republican surrogate Anne Coulter needs a dictionary along with her nominee, exclaiming words mean things. Added to their list ‘sarcasm,’ ‘rape’ and ‘legitimate,’ focusing less on whether Trump confused sarcasm and hyperbole, ‘just kidding,’ ‘obviously I was joking’ and ‘I was being sarcastic’ can’t be excuses for ideas, suggestions he’s put forth publicly talking, however quasi seriously, to America’s citizenry or foreign governments, leaders alike… We are not living in a kiss ass, never mind pussy generation to be taking stock of our wars Afghanistan, Iraq, Libyan intervention and the cost beyond dollars. Thinking maybe we should do something different, maybe if we stopped bombing their country they would stop trying to kill us. Or, on the other hand, seeing on nightly national news evidence supporting chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians and we do nothing because it’s too expensive to get involved, we’re weary of the fight? Syrian kids creating their own no-fly zone burning tires while apologizing to environmentalist for global impact saying we abandoned them. Here at home taking stock of our political discourse, social conversation and the divisiveness, unrest it leads to, social injustice it allows to continue festering… Eastwood eerily close to mirroring Trump, synchronized on how they view government function, how to get maximum function out of it; evidenced listening to his monologue 4 years ago Salon link below illustrating quite nicely both are utterly clueless…. Except they correctly explicate what flies over the heads of both Eastwood and Trump, America’s government is not a corporation, a president is not CEO and he can’t wave a magic wand, bombastically declare from a speech podium, floors of congress what he wants done and expect worker bees to scatter in all directions hastily making it happen. That description belongs to a dictatorship al-a Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, government controls in China; although, who exactly did talk about shutting down ‘that internet thing?…. Now this time around Trump his, CEO of a company ideas, is the candidate; Scott Baio and Antonio Sabàto Jr. speaking to their generations, Willie Robertson to his all supporting a guy who doesn’t know how the government works. And, Salon hitting another nail on the head, since people listen to actors, television personalities more than they listen to high school civics, social studies, history, government teachers, we’re poised to elect someone, by choice, who doesn’t know how the government works; scarier than Clint Eastwood’s hair, voice, strange monologue, political persuasions or the reasons for them…
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