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Dating, Flirting, Asking Out Or Showing Romantic Interest In Age Of #metoo: In Defense Of Socially Awkward, Sexually Awkward Men

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

No it’s not a sex panic yet, but how do we avoid one; how do we appropriately punish the guilty and spare the innocent, spare people who just wanted to ask a girl out, who genuinely believed behavior to be consensual? How do we distinguish accurately between aspects like sexual regret and sexual misconduct, assault and rape; we don’t know but #metoo doesn’t either despite clamoring for social change, a society wide behavior shift. Read More

Awww Ms. Chua Did You Get Lonely On Top Of Your World?

Worse than the hodgepodge throwing together of superficial, supposed facts to make a point no one really cares about anyway, the undeniable, tangible fact the Pew study they cite is from 2007 before the financial crisis turned the country on its head, worse than the blatant race touting and race shaming are the correlations, extrapolations and amalgamations made between Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and The Triple Package in reference to criticizing American parenting, American education and American success.Read More