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Young Black Male Thug Subculture: Let’s Talk About the White, Middle Aged to Elderly, Thuggery as the Standard Culture

Currently, while you have the legal right to stand your ground, standing your ground is not always the right, best thing to do; stand your ground is not, never was carte blanche to injure maim and kill people. Read More

Juror B-37 Exposes Race Relation Ignorance in America

…we, the world don’t know the name Trayvon Martin because he discovered the cure for a rare cancer; we don’t know the name Trayvon Martin because he became a revolutionary school teacher, attorney, because he became a human rights activist, a tireless social worker making a difference in the lives of kids or people with disabilities….We know the name Trayvon Martin because he is dead, because his is a life needlessly cut short, a life that matters no longer here…Read More

Hoodie to Blame For Teen Shooting Death, What is Says About Mindsets in America

Fact is you don’t have to be a racist to hold a prejudice against someone for how they look, what they wear, mannerisms they may have; Read More