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Disease, Weight And Our Drastically Skewed Perceptions On Health, Wellness And Longevity

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Hate to break it to you but the 60 is not the new 40, less for the emotional/social reasons listed by the Wall Street Journal, changing social structures derived from years of better medicine, nutrition, knowledge, people living better, able to do more in later years, not just living longer, the sobering prediction our chronically obese kids may have shorter lifespans than we do/did because of it, and instead due to median, average life expectance ages not having moved that much. 40 is considered middle aged precisely because the average life expectancy hovers around 80, give or take 5 years; for 60 to have gradually become the new 40 the life expectancy numbers would have to top out in the 120-125 range…. people here, if you believe the latest retirement preparedness commercial, are living into their 90’s; which would put middle age at roughly 45, not 60. Secondly looking at the last years of so called super centenarians, those passing 110, most are toothless, constantly nodding off and can’t walk well, if at all, dependent on neighbors, friends, family members for the bulk of their existence; that is in counties where they aren’t placed in a care facility less due to younger family member selfishness but having no living family, the extent of care required for the person at their advanced age… It’s rarely the 107 year old dancing in the Whitehouse with President and first lady Obama…Wall Street Journal onto something more than the author knew when he talked about investing post retirement, golden year energy into the truly young people, the legacy and future coming after, surviving them not on being/looking younger than you are, the new fad proving you’re the picture of longevity, upping the ante living your entire life that way, utilizing the time you have rather than bargaining for more—Especially by eating ‘rabbit food’ never touching meat, eggs or milk, viewing bread as the enemy, occasional doughnut, movie popcorn, French fries or cheeseburger as edible death. As for relearning what’s good for us, taking pleasure in nourishing foods giving our bodies what they need, take a good look at the photo gracing the top of that article and tell me that baby is going to get a foodgasm from that broccoli instead of pure revulsion; foodgasms about gastronomy, the science of gourmet dining, blending aroma, texture, quality food, taste and presentation to produce an experience not merely gorging one’s self on high calorie dishes—what I intend to do and not do respectivelyRead More

Our Health Obsession is Killing Us: or Why Companies Don’t Need Chief Health Officers

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

…other news circuits, commentary sites, blogs took on the opposite side of the coin essentially calling out viewers and television show makers for our lurid obsession with mental illness watching people’s most shameful, humiliating moments, the lowest points in their lives on our screens, not for insight provided, suggestions on how to help their loved ones, connections to top help around the country, in their area for a singular, specific disorder, but for titillation; viewing designed to say look, look how out there, bizarre, insane these people are. Programs like Fit to Fat to Fit, according to one article, oozing contempt disguised as empathy, one mother’s testimonial about her trials with healthy eating and battling the mommy clusters judging her for letting her kids have potatoes “I was an all-organic, clean-eating, sugar-free mom, too. It drove my family insane without making us healthier.” Another called out fad diets and the lies we tell ourselves about them, fooling ourselves into believing we are healthier than we are, are employing healthier habits than we actually do on any regular basis. And the last one showcased within roughly a 2 month period discussed here; a testimonial from a Salon.com author who titled her autobiographical essay “I wasted decades feeling fat and ugly,” who at 74, reasonably healthy refuses to apologize any longer, flying in the face of the dooms day health predictions for persons with type 2 diabetes and so forth…Stories all proving health and medicine both aren’t one size fits all, one dimensional and chief health officers as they would be used only serving as another source of nagging, anxiety, pressure to those pressured enough, white noise to a public already not listening. Read More