Liquid Therapy Says Much on Music and More!

Pure rockers LIQUID THERAPY are the type of band that will appeal to many people. They have since released a debut album, with new material slowly forming. The band goes on to say much about …Read More

War Tapes Announces New EP And Releases New Single "City Girls"

  War Tapes have announced an all new EP and released a new single titled “City Girls”. Check it HERE.

Blackjack Love Says Much on Music, Creativeness and More!

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In The A.M.’s Alex Talks of Music, Band Stuff and More!

  Modernized band IN THE A..M. have a few single’s with all new content expected between now into the next year! Band member Alex talks about the band, music, and more!  1. Please tell us …Read More

Joviac’s Viljami Goes into Chatter on Music, Formation, and More!

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Ellis Johnson Talks of His Art with Music!

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Corona Virus Exposes Global Problems But Also The Limits of Progressive Policies, Progressive Based Countries

Current Trends by Natasha Sapp

Former vice president, current presidential candidate, now presumptive democratic nominee Biden was right single payer healthcare is had in Italy, throughout Europe and it didn’t help; indicating Medicare for all would do very little to combat the enormity of a pandemic in the U.S. Similarly yes other countries are providing UBI (universal basic income), guaranteeing a majority of people’s employment wages, merely furloughing workers not firing them; yet, the question isn’t can they do it, but how long they can do it without looking like failures such as Greece amidst its financial crisis. Read More

Amazing Demon Boy Releases Live Video Single for "ZOMBIE DANCE"

Amazing Demon Boy has released a live video single music video of an all new track titled “Zombie Dance”. Check it HERE.

Esprit D’Air to Launch Concert Worldwide on October 24, 2020!

Esprit D’Air is set to perform a special live concert to celebrate their 10th anniversary on October 24, 2020. The live performance will be streamed on their official website, where fans can purchase a …Read More

Hatebreed Announce New Album "Weight of the False Self" + Share Lyric Video For Title Track

Nuclear Blast artist Hatebreed will release their eighth studio album Weight of The False Self. The 12-track album is stocked with pit-stirring anthems. It arrives on November 27th 2020 and is available for pre-order HERE. …Read More