Little King Says More Music Underway with Shows Too!

Mixer upers LITTLE KING have had a handful of releases thus far, including most recent being called “Occam’s Foil” released just last year in 2019! But not only has that release made it’s rounds, but …Read More

Subversive Gives the Details On New Music and Playing a Show!

Progressive groove, rock, and metal band SUBVERSIVE have released two singles’s with a yet to be released album titled “Dissonance”. The band goes into further details about upcoming plans and even a show debut happening …Read More

Binary Creed Releases New Video of the Track "Into the Light"

Binary Creed have released a new track in the form of a lyrical video and live video titled “Into the Light”. Check it out HERE.

Monster High Returns This Summer 2020 with New Dolls!

At this year’s New York Toy Fair 2020 edition, Mattel revealed that Monster High is coming back in a line titled “Skullector Dolls 2020”, featuring not just one but two dolls! No info about the …Read More

Despite The Fallen Says a Good Amount of Things About Music and Creativity!

Post grunge band DESPITE THE FALLEN have a debut EP out titled “Isolated” with a few singles out as well. The plans otherwise is to keep growing and exposing themselves delivering the best music as …Read More

Subterranea Talks of This Band and That Band Among an Array of Music Projects!

Coming from the underground is SUBTERRANEA whose time thus far, has had them release an album and EP as well. But the band as a whole is a one person project, done by a women at …Read More

7 Mazes Says and Discusses Loads About Music and Themselves!

Alternative metal band 7 MAZES has been around for a short while, but have released a handful of content, ranging from 2 albums, 1 single, music videos and even lyric videos! Perhaps some new content …Read More

Gonebad Said So Much About Singles and Much More!

Melodic alternative rock/metal band GONE BAD have been around for quite a while now, releasing a two track single called “Counting Days” back in 2014. A handful of demo’s and even a promo EP. The …Read More

Livonia Expresses Lots About Themselves and their Music!

U.K. based pop punks LIVONIA have their debut single “Talking”, out now with more material coming soon enough. Discover what more the band had to express about themselves and the music that they create. 1. …Read More

Stone Sea Talks of Sharing and Growing as a Band with Music Creativity!

Heavy alternative rock band STONE SEA have released three pieces of content, their debut album “Orgins”, followed by an EP “Vaporizer”, with follow-up EP “Mankind Maze”, with a handful of tracks depicting various styles of …Read More