Sprints Talk of Music, History, and Plans Ahead

SPRINTS are back – the raw and raucous post-punk four-piece from Dublin are proud to announce their upcoming third single ‘Kissing Practice’, due for release on Feb 14th. Recorded and mixed by Daniel Fox (Girl …Read More

Young Medicine and Essenger Release Collab Track of 80’s Vampire Cult Flick "The Lost Boys" Titled "Lost Boys"

Together the band Young Medicine and Essenger have recruited one another to create a synth rock combination, of Young Medicine’s live instrumentation and aggressive chorus vocalization, adding a powerful edginess to Essenger’s synth production styling. …Read More

Mondo Bear Disclose Matters on Music and Themselves!

Heavy rock n’ rollers MONDO BEAR became a project, just a short while ago, having all new material in the works and set to be out soon enough. The band caught up to disclose the …Read More

Attrition Chats of Music, Shows, and More!

Industrial, experimental dark ambient post punk goth act ATTRITION, have quite a bit of content since their formation. Currently their newest album is out, with a single to boot, as well as the band have …Read More

Indigo Storm Gets the Trio Together to Chat It Up!

Rock, alternative, progressive go getters INDIGO STORM is a trio of musicians, whose time has been great thus far. The band has gone on to self-release an EP and have an all new EP coming …Read More

Lost In Majority Talk A LOT!

Alternative progressive rock band LOST IN MAJORITY have two albums along with an all new EP release titled “The Age of Lies”, and have plans to write even newer songs soon enough. But besides that …Read More

Impvlse Give A Great Discussion on Upcoming Plans and Being Heard!

Context act IMPVLSE released their debut EP “Vice Versa”, pushing it for all it is worth, besides always working on all new music as it see’s fit. Some shows are in the works but right …Read More

Peralis Talks of New Music, Playing Shows and Pure Excitement!

Irish 4 piece band PERALIS have been hard at work releasing an assortment of singles, all leading to the release of their debut EP. Shows are in the works as well in the next couple …Read More

Fox Violet Says Lots About the Music Creativity and Playing Live!

Dark pop rock band FOX VIOLET have a few singles out and about, with an EP in the process currently! Plans are already set for the band to play aimlessly this year because they enjoy …Read More

The BlackLava Talk of Playing and Creating All New Music!

Rock n’ rollers THE BLACKLAVA have had a array of content released over the years, an EP, album, and couple of singles with more incoming soon enough. The band has had their hearts set upon …Read More