Sandy Jacobson, producer of BackStage: Los Angeles, was born and raised in Los Angeles. She will tell you that because she had two brothers, 14 and 16 years older than her, that she has been listening to rock and roll since birth, and has a deep love for the music of her brothers’ generation.

She began performing at age two, and by age four had an agent and had begun acting on local T.V. stations. At age six, she was forced into “early retirement” due to injuries from a near-fatal car accident. The music of one band in particular that was just breaking out, at that time, influenced her to want to recover. Her biggest dream was to some day see them perform live, and hopefully meet them.

As an adult, Sandy continued doing production work behind the scenes, with her last nine-to-five job in radio production.

Six years ago, a rear-ending accident left her with flashbacks and nightmares from her childhood accident. She worked with a specialist to get through that trauma, and six weeks into treatment finally had the opportunity to see one of the members of her favorite band perform, and meet him. A few months later, she attended a reunion concert of the entire band, and was personally given backstage passes by one of the members of the band. That experience set into motion a phenomenal string of experiences that have brought her to producing this show. Among those experiences was a return to acting two years ago, when she was cast in “Pirates of the Caribbean II” and has continued working in film and television episodes, when she?s not working behind the camera.

The show, BackStage Los Angeles is the expression of her vision of love for music, the musicians she’s met along the way, and the ones yet to pick up their first guitar, and a collaboration from a wide array of people she’s met along the way, who have helped make her dream come true.

-Sandy Jacobson-