Hobbyhorse Starts Burning Up The Airwaves

San Francisco Bay area, folk/rock duo Hobbyhorse‘s album “Break In the Clouds” has been burning up the broadcast airwaves, with stations in Canada, Australia and across the US playing their unique mix of psychedelic folk/rock. The album was also recently picked as Release of the Month September 2007 by Seldom Heard Radio.

“This wonderful album opens with the swirling sustain of an organ, lilting percussion (bodhran?) quiet, precise guitar and earthy vocals & builds from there. Traditional in one sense, quietly experimental in others, Hobbyhorse’s Break in the Clouds embodies the magic that is woven in the art of folk music – and by folk music I mean music that is authentic, spirited & manifest from the love of creation rather than ‘music industry’ profit motive. Each song is a delight of discovery.” Seldom Heard Radio

Some of the broadcast radio stations that have recently added Hobbyhorse to their playlists include:

* CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa Canada, Iron Maidens, hosted by DD Rocker
* FM99.3 in North Sydney Australia, Sideways Through Sound, hosted by The Sonic Assassin
* WSCS 90.9 in New London NH and WNEC 91.7 in Henniker NH, Seldom Heard Radio, hosted by DJ Frederick
* KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln Nebraska. Murphy’s Magic Mess, hosted by Murf
* KDUR 91.9 or 93.9 FM in Durango CO, Music of Gaia, hosted by Alane Brown

Radio programmers can download broadcast-ready tracks of Hobbyhorse’s CD at Airplay Direct

Hobbyhorse‘s music is in the spirit of experimentation and the expansion of the imagination. They take psychedelic folk/rock into the present day with their poetic songwriting and adventurous arrangements. The duo has returned from a year in the studio recording their latest full-length release “Break in the Clouds” as well as building an online music and art venue called Hobbyhorse Cafe. In addition to featuring their music and art as well as that of a growing lineup of talented guest musicians, artists and poets, the Cafe offers an innovative pricing system called “Conscious Choice Pricing,” allowing fans to choose how much they pay for downloads and merchandise.

Hobbyhorse is a member of the MusicDish Network, a comprehensive artist development program, leveraging brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach to support emerging artists’ and bands’ careers.

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