Independent Musicians Discover The Secret To Success With New DVD

Millions of independent musicians are trying to achieve success in the music business. But the chances of them “making it big” are miniscule at best. What can they do to improve their odds? Singer Aneel asked the same question and in the process created a DVD called “411 On The Independent Music Movement” containing answers from a number of experts.

Derek Sivers is president of, an online store selling CD’s from independent artists. Sivers says 90% of the sales are made by only 12% of the artists. “It used to be only 10% of your career was up to you. ‘Getting discovered’ was about all you could do. Now, 90% of your career is up to you. You have to develop a business plan to attain a sustainable level of success, even without a big record deal.” Sivers tells artists they must learn the business of the music business.

“I love music, it’s what I was born for,” says independent artist Aneel. “The problem is so many indies pursue getting a contract. What they don’t realize is they’ll spend a ton of money trying to win that contract, and even if they land one, they’ll spend their own money producing an album. Overall, if they break even, that’s doing pretty good.”

Aneel’s example is common. While trying to break into the big leagues, Aneel co-hosts an online music show, “The Juice,” originating from the UK. As an internet DJ, stories of struggle from musicians worldwide gave him an idea.

“I contacted experts who could help independent musicians improve their business skills,” says Aneel. He realized the issue wasn’t a lack of talent, but rather that most indies don’t know about business. Aneel found 20 “coaches” on topics including international distribution, taxes, website marketing and entertainment law. He produced a video called “411 On The Independent Music Movement”. ( The 3 DVD set teaches independents exactly how to turn their low-paying hobby into a lucrative business. It includes a database of 9,000+ industry contacts.

“I learned to promote and distribute my music, how to book performances, and who to contact about my music,” says Dan Thomasson of Nature’s Calm. “Aneel’s DVD was what I needed to help me be successful. This is a great resource for all independent artists.”

As internet distribution explodes to over $10 billion in 2007 (according to New Media Music Informa), the market for independent music presents an expanding opportunity for independent artists. But will they understand how to run their bands like businesses?

Artist Phil Mooney says “The 411 DVD is a ‘must have’ for me or for any artist, either starting out or established. From business planning, to overseas promotion, to tax law, this DVD is the seed for success!”

Despite the long-shot odds, an increasing number of independent artists are discovering the secrets to getting out of the garage and building a successful music business with the “411 On The Independent Music Movement” DVD.

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