Dance Album a 2 Year Project by 2 Musicians Who Never Met

DJ Insane stayed in Europe while The G-Man remained in Los Angeles, but they created an album that is being played on EU radio and in clubs around the world. Several tracks on “Crazed + Dazed” (UPC 6-75604-10252-0) are filling dance floors night after night in DJ Insane’s live shows. The album is on iTunes and Rhapsody and is released by Delvian (

“Brain Implosion” features more than 7 minutes of chugging beats and generous use of the EP-1 Envelope Phaser, which creates phase modulation and phase inversion effects. “Catch Up to Time” frequently throws the entire tune into reverse but stays true to the overall meter of the song, giving listeners a sense that time has been warped for a second while we catch up to the beat.

A video of “Trans Addiction” was created in India by Sunil Shibad and is available on several sites, including The G-Man’s MySpace page as well as on YouTube at:

There are 5 more songs on the album, each one proven effective for wild dancing through club presentations by DJ Insane in his sets.


Artist And Join Forces To Bring Digital Distribution To Indie Artists, the innovative independent digital music store, distributor and aggregator has joined forces with, the new digital music and content management service to bring an unprecedented number of digital distribution stores to independent artists. will provide a free digital distribution service to all artists. artists will have their music placed at dozens of music stores including iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and eMusic through a network of music stores and mobile services offered by

“The time of the BIG dinosaur labels and distribution engines are nearing an end. The disintermediation of music to the masses is allowing for more and more independent artists to take control of their careers and their own digital destiny. We are pleased to be partnering with to make the dream a reality for indie artists!” said Moses de los Santos, CEO of and

“ has always been a cornerstone of independent music by bringing a new means of getting music out to the fans by the musicians. We are very excited to help raise the bar by providing our digital distribution and digital content management services to artist.” said Kevin Rivers, CEO of


Badbubba Records Boutique Label Begins Signing Artists, Indie Rock Chris Bax, Urban KeLLR And Kyl

The artists had to be unique in style, with awesome vocals and more than anything else they had to have the “hunger” for success and “willingness to listen and do”

These were the preconditions Badbubba Records came to signing and mentoring new and upcoming Indie Artists Chris Bax, KellR and Kyl.

Chris Bax’ debut album now complete entitled “Somewhere & Nowhere” is ready for release and distribution in USA and Australia. This is a great fusion of rock, soft rock and indie pop, with amazing vocals, the album was produced by Chrisse Feros and recorded in Sydney and Brisbane. Chris’ album will be released in October 2007 and will be toured nationally with his band The Chris Bax Theory.

New into the recording industry are KellR and Kyl, twin brothers with equally awesome singing and songwriting qualities. KellR is putting together a 12 track debut album in the genre of Indie/Urban/Fusion, with a voice that is totally full of conviction for the lyrics he has put together. his work is exciting, and still soulful, (can’t give too much away).

Kyl, also working a soft rock album has his won unique vocal delivery and stylistic nuances. His writing is warm, and emotive. Both KellR and Kyl are being produced by Chrisse Feros. Their albums will be ready for release in June 2008.

Badbubba Records will be touring and recording Chrisse’s reggae troupe “MEGALI”, Chris Bax, KellR and Kyle into New York in August 2008.


Catman Cohen’s New Music Video Prayer For America Stirs Controversy

Controversial and mysterious Catman Cohen has released his third music video, Prayer For America, and it is proving to be his most inflammatory to date. The song, PRAYER FOR AMERICA, is from Catman Cohen’s first CD entitled, “HOW I WANT TO DIE: the Catman Chronicles 1.”

According to PR spokesperson, Ms. Vicky Asher, at least two websites have refused to carry the video on account of its extremely dark portrayal of the nation, including some fairly stunning footage that portrays a variety of celebrities and politicos in a harsh light.

“Personally, I have a more upbeat view of the USA,” stated Ms. Asher, “but I will defend my client’s right to express his viewpoints. I am a little surprised by the degree of outrage expressed over a little six minute video.”

Ms. Asher further stated, “I do believe the video upsets people on both sides of the political spectrum because Mr. Cohen is a Canadian citizen and he has no particular fondness for either Republicans or Democrats. His bleak video “takes no prisoners” in its portrayal of “the dumbing down of America.” I think many Americans have this attitude that it’s OK for Americans to criticize the country, but not foreigners, least of all foreigners residing in America.”

Directed and Edited by Kyle Clemens, the video PRAYER FOR AMERICA presents a variety of disturbing juxtapositions between what Americans perceive to be normal and what Catman Cohen perceives to be otherwise.

“I am accustomed to negative, hostile reactions in promoting this particular artist,” stated Ms. Asher. “I guess “unorthodox” might best describe his approach to the music biz. He refuses to include personal pictures or detailed bio info (eg. birthdate and birthplace). Furthermore, all interview requests have been declined to date since Mr. Cohen believes that we need to hear from neglected heroes (eg. nurses, teachers, firemen, paramedics, soldiers, police, environmentalists, human rights activists, etc.) rather than the plethora of over-indulged, over-idolized artists who dominate the Big Media. In his only live performance video to date, Catman Cohen appeared in silhouette and placed rescue workers out front.”


Leon Stevenson – Unwanted Memories

Leon Stevenson, lead vocalist of 80s cult favourites, The Extras, and currently freelance drummer for guitarist Danny Marks and retro-blues rockers The Paul James band has announced the release of his first solo CD. Leon Stevenson’s Unwanted Memories is an eclectic blend of alternative indie jazzy blues and pop reflecting on his 25+ years in the music biz.


CTA’s ‘Full Circle’ Now Available At Borders & Online!

CTA (California Transit Authority) is drummer Danny Seraphine’s trip back to the future, effectively tipping his hat to his past as a founding member of the Grammy award-winning band Chicago, with his feet firmly planted in the here and now. Aptly titled ‘Full Circle’, California Transit Authority’s debut album brings Seraphine back to his roots.

While CTA revisits early Chicago classics “Make Me Smile” and “Colour My World” on ‘Full Circle’, CTA isn’t just a nostalgia trip. For example, “Make Me Smile” has been transformed into an instrumental, with Marc Bonilla recreating the vocal lines on guitar. In addition, Bonilla has also re-imagined many of Chicago’s classic horn parts on his guitar. Another twist is vocalist Larry Braggs, the voice of Tower of Power since 2000.

Aside from the re-workings of the Chicago tracks, ‘Full Circle’ revisits Bonilla’s “Antonio’s Love Jungle,” which is given new life as Seraphine’s human touch replaces the original’s drum-machine rhythms; as well as “Something Different,” the Cannonball Adderley track composed by a young Chuck Mangione. On “I’m The Man,” guest artists Sheila E. (on timbales), Alex Acuna (on congas), and Keith Emerson (organ solo) make an appearance. And a new original track, “Several Thousand,” features guest vocalist Wes Quave.


Media Alert: Blogcritics Review Of ‘Jazz Cycles’

Written by Pico, Blogcritics

Orchestral jazz seem to be a dying art these days. Oh sure, there are Ellington, Monk and Mingus tribute bands, but there seems to be a dearth of composers creating new works. Well OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic. In reality, such jazz composers still do exist today, but they toil in relative obscurity. One of the more notable contributors to the under-appreciated art of classical jazz among contemporaries was Paul Nash.

The seven-piece band that came into the studio for Nash’s last hurrah consisted of Shane Endsley on trumpet, Bruce Williamson on alto and soprano saxes, Tim Ries on tenor saxes, Vic Juris on guitar, Jay Anderson on bass, Grisha Alexiev on drums and Jim Ridl on piano. Juris, the guitarist who played alongside Mike Stern on Dave Liebman’s Back On The Corner, displays a decidedly more John Scofield-like tone on this set. Jay Anderson, late of David Witham’s Spinning The Circle provdes his accurate acoustic bass services for MNMP as well.

And as for the record itself, it’s clear these guys were giving it their all for their ailing leader. There’s no wrong note that I could detect, it all sounds as if they’ve worked with this material for weeks. And the material itself is no cakewalk; Nash changes tempo, time signatures and styles frequently. It’s not a terribly difficult listen and consists of a lot of pretty passages, but consistent with the classical aspect of it, the pieces are demanding of the musicians’ attention to detail. The array of moods and modes encompassed by this single collection also suggests that Nash wanted to take a look back at his career and the various styles he touched upon along the way.

Jazz Cycles will be available in stores October 2.

Read the full review at Blogcritics


Popkomm IMEA 2007: Strong Partners Promote Popkomm Awards

New ideas need support. Popkomm has enlisted first-rate partners to sponsor the Innovation in Music & Entertainment Award IMEA and to give the award and the startups taking part strong support. As a special incentive, prize money will be awarded with this year’s Popkomm IMEA. Another first: immediately after the presentation ceremony Popkomm will invite guests to an exclusive IMEA VIP dinner.

Platinum, gold and silver. Big names will be sponsoring this year’s Popkomm IMEA. Popkomm has succeeded in gaining SDC Secure Digital Container AG as Platinum Sponsor. Michael Bornh?usser, CEO of SDC AG, on his company’s commitment at the Popkomm IMEA: “Popkomm has created a platform for innovation in this fast-growing technology and media industry. Innovation is the key to success for us all. We are proud to be sponsors partnering the IMEA.” Based in Switzerland, the company is the world’s market leader in DRM technology for mobile music services. SDC AG will be hosting the exclusive Popkomm IMEA VIP dinner on 19 September. Popkomm Director Katja Bittner: “The VIP dinner allows us to give the winners and finalists at the Popkomm IMEA a further opportunity to meet potential business partners, investors and experienced business people in the pleasant and relaxed surroundings of an exclusive venue in Berlin.”

Media promotion, business contacts and prize money

This year’s winner in the category of “best and most promising business idea” will be awarded a stand at Popkomm 2008 and, for the first time, 5,000 euros prize money. Immediately after the IMEA Finalist Screening Session on 19 September a cocktail reception and ceremony will be
eld to present the Innovation in Music & Entertainment Award. The event will be a part of the exclusive Popkomm IMEA VIP dinner. Euro I AG from Hamburg and RealNetworks will act as the IMEA’s Gold Sponsors. Euro I AG with its umbrella brand YAVIDO stands for music, entertainment and communications and addresses its audiences via TV, mobile devices, IPTV and the web. Managing Director Uwe Bernhard Wache: “For the music and entertainment sector it is vital to always explore what people want and to stay in touch with the latest technological developments. Therefore, the IMEA is a wonderful way to promote young creative entrepreneurs with their promising ideas.”

RealNetworks is also focused on promoting promising business ideas. Piers Heaton-Armstrong, general manager of RealNetworks Europe, Middle East and Africa commented: “RealNetworks is pleased to partner with Popkomm to support the prestigious IMEA which puts outstanding entrepreneurs and promising businesses in the music industry spotlight year after year.” RealNetworks started an audio-visual revolution when it introduced RealPlayer in 1997. Currently, the company’s products include RealMusic, Rhapsody and RealArcade, music and games services which subscribers can access using PCs and portable devices.


Shadowside Win’s AirPlay Direct’s “All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal” Artist Contest

Throughout the month of July, AirPlay Direct, Vigilante Music, Inside Strategy and the Indianapolis Metal Fest ran our first “All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal” artist contest for our artist / label members. The winning band Shadowside will receive the Grand Prize package which will include a 12 week full PR / media relations campaign (print and online) in the UK and Europe from Vigilante Music /vigilante ($8,000 value), a 4 week digital promotion campaign (on-line radio and media) from Inside Strategy , ($2,000 value) a premier “Featured Artist” advertising package from AirPlay Direct (value $1,500), and the Indianapolis Metal Fest w! will provide an opening live performance slot for the winner (invaluable…!). Grand Prize package is valued at$11,500.00…! Shadowside’s first live appearance in the United States will be at the Indy Metal Fest…!

Shadowside are the rising star of the Brazilian Metal music scene and one of the most exalted bands in the country. Founded in 2001, they feature a solid instrumental work, with heavy guitars, catchy melodies and a lot of energy and personality in Dani Noldens unique female vocals and sincere, heart-felt lyrics, always about life experiences and problems approached by a positive angle, not only meant to cheer people up but also to make them think. On that same year, they released a self-titled demo EP which surprised everyone and got them respect from the media, in the form of excellent press reviews.

The band is now currently recording their second full album, with a scheduled Fall 2007 release date. They promise to deliver an album full of energy, heaviness and intensity, combined with one of the most powerful female vocals ever heard.


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