Interview With NYC-based JP Bommel, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, MIDEM

Interview With NYC-based JP Bommel, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, MIDEM
Bommel Sheds Light On Upcoming MIDEM 2007 Conference Events
by Anne Freeman,

I recently interviewed JP Bommel, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Midem, who is based in New York City, NY, U.S.A. In the interview below, we discuss what is in store for the fortunate music industry representatives who will attend the 2007 MidemNet conferences, and 21-25 January 2007, at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

[Anne Freeman] JP, what is unique about the Midem Conference, which takes place every year at the end of January in Cannes, France?

JP Bommel Midem is a business-to-business show that takes place every year. This year will be our 41st year. It’s open for five days and it’s a great opportunity for exhibit, to advertise or attend. You can educate yourself with some wonderful seminars. We had 66 meetings and seminars, and about 222 speakers in 2006, and we expect to do the same in 2007. The highlight of the conference, if you will, is a technology forum called MidemNet. MidemNet is a two-day forum to discuss the current business models, what the revenues are, what’s happening in that market, and what are the big trends, such as content for cell phones. We discuss all of the issues at Midem at the global level.

[Anne Freeman] I attended Midem for the first time last year, the 40th Anniversary of Midem. I must admit it was a bit overwhelming at times!

JP Bommel It sounds overwhelming, but Midem is quite simple. It is organized in different days in different themes. Midem is a conference and a trade show. Midem can be seen as an overwhelming event, but it’s really a great opportunity for networking. What Midem is really about is making contacts with people in the commerce of music. We expect above 10,000 people 93 countries the year, and we’re well on target for that. We had 4,300 companies represented last year, and about 2,300 companies exhibited. It’s the largest trade show in the world of music, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for people who are in music to do their global business in Cannes. They can convene there; do business, whether you are in the digital space, the content space, or professional services catering to the music industry ∞∂

I’ll talk about the conference first. The conference starts with MidemNet on the Saturday and Sunday. MidemNet is two days where you discuss doing business in the digital space. Attendance is limited to 1200 people. It’s an audience of CEOs and people involved at a high level of digital entertainment. We have two days of panels and keynotes. We try to cover the entire spectrum of the digital market during MidemNet. (For a list of the confirmed MidemNet speakers, see “MIDEMNET FORUM”.)

[Anne Freeman] Midem also offers many informative panels, some of which I had the opportunity to attend last year. I’m looking forward to this year’s panels. What’s in store for us at Midem in 2007, JP?

JP Bommel On Monday morning, our first panel is a wonderful panel that really reflects the trends of the music industry today. It’s called “Music for Images.” Music for Images presenters will discuss the business of music in T.V., film, video games and brands. We’ll have amazing people coming to that panel, as well. One of the trends that effects people who come to Midem, I would have to say, is how to make money with nontraditional revenue from the music industry, and that is to tie your music in TV and to brands. The whole morning on Monday is based on that.

[Anne Freeman] Do you find that there is a lot of interest amongst the global music industry for information about these nontraditional revenue steams?

JP Bommel Absolutely! When you start touching upon what we call sync-licensing rights, all of the majors have taken a stand on that. Yes, there is a great demand for that from our audience, so we’re pleased to have these panels.

[Anne Freeman] What else is in store for us on Monday?

JP Bommel At noon, we’ll have what is considered the largest revenue-producing sector of attending Midem – and of the industry at large ∞? and that is the live business. We’ll have a global summit around the issues of touring, what are bands facing in the world of concerts, and so forth. That’s on Monday afternoon.

And in between the morning and afternoon sessions, we have one of our networking luncheons where we bring 100 to 120 top-level music executives involved in music for images to meet with music supervisors. It’s a mixer, a greet and meet. We try to blend it so that the 100 or so people who are very concerned about music for sync rights meet with music supervision for films and TV, and the world of advertisers. The 1??-hour luncheon will be at the Majestic Hotel across the street from the conference. It’s a great event.

[Anne Freeman] I see on the site that some other exciting events will be returning to Midem 2007?

JP Bommel Yes, will have Global A&R panels, which are put together with help from our partner, MusicExpo. MusicExpo is a conference that takes place in the States from a global A&R focus. It’s an opportunity to hear about how you acquire content, what are the trends around the world, what are the different challenges in A&R today, and so forth. Again, then we’ll break for lunch, and this year we’ll have an A&R and live luncheon to bring together two worlds that connect, but they are the beginning and the end of the spectrum, the studio and the stage. We had a lot of fun doing that last year.

This particular lunch is actually brought to us and sponsored by an amazing newcomer to Midem, a company called What does is the business of rehearsals. They have a very large soundstage in L.A. They have remote-controlled cameras in their rehersal studios that record rehearsals, providing original content for distribution by musicians around the world. They have a great business model and are run by great people.

[Anne Freeman] I will be sure to attend that event. What’s next?

JP Bommel Monday night is our “Personality of the Year” event. This year we are very happy to announce that Claude Nobs, founder and CEO of the world renowned music event ‘The Montreux Jazz Festival’ has been nominated MIDEM personality of the year. It’s another one of those wonderful networking events. We match the executives with those doing business in the independent community. We always provide opportunities for independent record companies and other small companies ∞? for lack of a better work ∞? to meet with and hang out with the majors and publishers. Our Personality of the Year award is a dinner for about 200 ∞?250 people, which is a beautiful black tie event with great entertainment. (See “Claude Nobs, Founder & CEO Of The Montreux Jazz Festival, Named Midem 2007 Personality Of The Year” for the Personality of the Year announcement and interview.)

[Anne Freeman] JP, last year the opening night celebration was sponsored by the Country of Finland. What’s in store for the opening party for 2007?

JP Bommel We are really looking forward to this year’s Opening Night which will be particularly exciting, but I’m afraid I’m not able to announce anything quite yet. Your readers need to stay tuned to Music Dich to find out all the details of this, which we should be announcing it soon.

[Anne Freeman] Good advice for news about a great night. I am looking forward to a sleep deprived Monday night at MIDEM 2007, JP!

We’ll continue our conversation with JP next edition.

Some key Midem statistics:


(% of companies in each activity)

∞? Recording: 50%
∞? Publishing: 33%
∞? Licensing: 29%
∞? Production: 28%
∞? CD/DVD distribution: 20%
∞? Audio & Video: 20%
∞? Digital & Media: 19%
∞? Artist management: 18%
∞? Live music: 17%

You’ll find just about every single music genre represented at the market, with specialized sections for Classical, Jazz, Electronic and Urban.

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JP Bommel, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, NYC Office, Tel: +1 212 284 5145

360 Park Avenue South – 14th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA
Tel: +1 212 284 5142 / Fax: +1 212 284 5148
General sales enquiries:

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