Karlex Makes Comeback To France’s High-Speed TGV Train

IDTGV, a part of the SNCF which runs France’s high-speed TGV trains, has reinvited Haitian American singer-songwriter Karlex to help celebrate the division’s third year anniversary. Karlex will be performing his unique brand of Afro-Groove on November 9th on the Nice-Paris line for the SNCF president, company officials, VIP delegates, the French press as well as travelers.

Karlex was the first musician invited to perform on France’s high-speed TGV trains last spring as part of IDTGV’s strategy to create a ‘new’ travel experience, including on-board entertainment. During the seven day tour on the Paris-Perpignan TGV train line, Karlex performed tracks from his new album “Ghetto Fabulous” at the respective stations as well as at the “Bar iDZinc” in the lounge car during the voyage.

Kalex, who has been actively seeking distribution in North America, will be performing at the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Cafe Live as part of the ‘Music Is The Weapon’ weekend benefit presented by MusicDish on April 4-5, 2008. Signed with Lil’ People Records in France and distributed in the Netherlands and UK, the Haitian American artist has been making waves ever since the release of his album in the fall of 2006.

Karlex recently completed a radio promotion campaign through Twin Vision, resulting in 65 Triple-A radio stations/shows picking it up across the country, including Bridgeport (CT), Tampa (FL), Lafayette/Baton Rouge (LA), Grand Rapids (MI), St. Louis (MO), Minneapolis (MN), Trenton (NJ), Santa Fe (NM), Philadelphia (PA), Cleveland (OH), Portland (OR), Houston (TX), and Madison (WI). He has also received airplay on over 50 radio stations in France’s major markets.

Karlex has also maintained a high visibility online through the MusicDish Network, with features on ARTISTdirect, UBL and Amie Street Music in the last 2 months. Most recently, he was featured in the October UBL newsletter and is charting at #6 in the UBL top 25 world music chart, as well as at #34 in the UBL ultimate top 100 chart.

Karlex is a member of the MusicDish Network, a comprehensive artist development program, leveraging brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach to support emerging artists’ and bands’ careers.

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