More Daft, More Punk And Totally Live!

French electronic super duo is back in the USA with a live CD to help aid the pains of those who missed their last tour.

10 years ago, Daft Punk redefined music with their milestone debut LP ‘Homework’. Now they have also redefined the live performance. Daft Punk is back in America with a new live Album, ‘Alive 2007’ (EMI Music France), the Hardest, Best, Fastest, Strongest Live Album Ever . . . or at least since Alive 1997!

The legendary French electronic duo performed in the end of October as the crowning, headline, moment of the Vegoose festival in Las Vegas. Robot gear on top of a futuristic pyramid, a show perfectly and finally wrought; staging, lights and music. In this new show, everything perfectly synced to take the audience into the world of Daft Punk ≠ and they will never want to leave! For those who missed the concerts and for those who just loved the concerts and want to do it all over again, a live album, will be released on the 14th of November in Japan, and on the 19th of November internationally, except in North America, where it will hit stores on December 4th. A worldwide digital release will allow fans to catch the music online as of the 20th of November.

If the Daft Punk comeback was expected, it is not only due to their great talent and their undeniable genius, but also partially thanks to Kanye West. The chart-topping rapper-producer brought part of a Daft Punk song to the pop charts with his hit single ‘Stronger,’ which lifts the entire chorus of ≥Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger≤. “We’ve always made music by sampling other people that we like or respect … and we feel it’s fair to give back, so things can come full circle.” said Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. Full circle and pyramids, are Daft Punk a story of geometry? If yes, we’ll be good pupils and follow their rhythmic lessons.

They might not come back in the USA for another decade, so to keep the spirit alive, it is much easier to buy their new CD and imagine or remember, than to recreate the pyramid of lights, music and action in your own living room.

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