Ari Gold Wins Top Prize At 2007 USA Songwriting Competition

Ari Gold, New York singer-songwriter won the Overall Grand Prize as well as the first prize in the Pop category at the 2007 USA Songwriting Competition with his song “Where the Music Takes You”. He and his co-writers Joe Hogue & Sean Petersen wrote the song that topped the competition for 2007. Other winners include: Barry Privett (from rock group “Carbon Leaf”); Richmond, VA, Jules Anna Jones from De Witt, MI, David Francey (Canada), Miguel de Azcarate, Yani Helle & Sylvia Greif (France).

Here is the complete list of winners:

OVERALL GRAND PRIZE: Where The Music Takes You – Ari Gold, Joe Hogue & Sean Petersen; New York, NY.

OVERALL 2nd PRIZE: The War Was In Color – Barry Privett (Carbon Leaf); Richmond, VA

OVERALL 3rd PRIZE: Clich? – Jules Anna Jones; De Witt, MI


1st Prize ≠ Rock/Alternative
Clich? – Jules Anna Jones; De Witt, MI

1st Prize ≠ Country
I Can Live Without You – Mary Danna & Troy Verges; Minnetonka, MN

1st Prize ≠ Folk
Ballad of Bowser Macrae – David Francey; CANADA

1st Prize ≠ Pop
Where The Music Takes You – Ari Gold, Joe Hogue & Sean Petersen; New York, NY

1st Prize ≠ Dance/Electronica
Waking Up – Miguel de Azcarate, Yani Helle & Sylvia Greif (Milow), FRANCE

1st Prize ≠ R&B
No Place Like Home – Mark E. Robertson Jr, Michael McDonald & Leon Jones (Ahmir); Boston, MA

1st Prize ≠ Hip-Hop/Rap
Set It Free – Christopher Reynolds & Jonathan Reynolds (The Genetics); Allston, MA

1st Prize – Lyrics
The War Was In Color – Barry Privett (Carbon Leaf); Richmond, VA

1st Prize ≠ Gospel/Inspirational
Brighter Days – Ryan Shea Smith, Tyler Allen & Tony Williams; Seattle, WA

1st Prize ≠ Latin
Rompecabezas – Melany Moloney; Bogota, COLOMBIA

1st Prize – World
Fado Torto – Louis Simao; CANADA

1st Prize – Jazz
Isaac’s Blues – Duane Andrews; St Johnπs, CANADA

1st Prize ≠ Instrumental
Cella’s Song – Eric Roberts; Highlands Ranch, CO

1st Prize ≠ Novelty/Comedy
Doer’s Lament – Eric Colville; Ipswich, MA

1st Prize – Children
Up! – Steve Weeks; Colorado Springs, CO

Open Your Eyes – Tom Watson (Transparent); AUSTRALIA
Reckless – Marc Costanzo, Chin Injeti & Tebey; Toronto, CANADA
You Can’t Hurt Me Now – Karen Taylor-Good, Jim Daddario & Tania Hancheroff; Nashville, TN
I Will Never Be The Same – Mary Sue Englund & Victoria Banks; Nashville, TN
We Stand on Common Ground – Shirley Eikhard; CANADA
Getting Over You Again – Tim Mathews & Josh Bernard; Nashville, TN
Like Salt – Helle Hansen; Copenhagen, DENMARK
Inside My Heart – Agatha Comia Obar, PHILIPPINES
Something Better – Craig Sheets (A True Story); Riverview, MI
Rosetta Stone – Noam Weinstein; New York, NY
Dying Daily – Simon Spire; Santa Monica, CA
Black & Blue – Jesse Terry & Scott Carter; Nashville, TN
You Say – Afiya “Fi-Fi” Bala; Oak, CA
Actin’ Up – Erin Reed (PurpleRed); Grenada Hills, CA
Blackberrying – Ishita Rungta; Plantation, FL
Caminito – Ra˙l Sandoval (Canvas); Lauderhill, FL
i husinu okkar er thoka – Ingvi Thor Kormaksson & Kristin Omarsdottir (JJ Soul Band); ICELAND
I Should Have a Broken Heart – Jill Barnett; Sedona, AZ
You can do it! – Keren Alexander (Go Seek); AUSTRALIA
July Rendez-Vous – Shao Suan Low; SINGAPORE

Entries are currently being accepted for the 2008 Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Winning songs of the 2008 USA Songwriting Competition will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program “Acoustic Caf?” as well as XM Satellite Radio. This is the first Songwriting Competition that gives airplay to the winning songs, giving deserving bands, songwriters the recognition and exposure they deserve. Entrants stand to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash and music gear from Sony, Ibanez Guitars, Audio-Technica, IK Multi-Media and more, making this the largest prize package for any annual songwriting competition. Many USA Songwriting Competition winners in the past have received recording and publishing contracts, as well as having their songs placed on film and television. Judges include A&R managers from record labels such as Warner, Capitol Records, Universal, BMG/SONY Music.

Sponsors include Sony, Keyboard Magazine, Audio-Technica, Ibanez Guitars, D’Addario Strings, New Music Weekly, Sonicbids and IK Multimedia. Songs may be entered in 15 different categories including Pop, Rock/Alternative, R&B and Country. The competition is aimed at promoting excellence in the art of songwriting among writers, composers, bands, singer/songwriters and solo artists in an international forum. Entries are accepted from now through May 30, 2008.

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