Seattle WA – Imagine Billy Joel or Elton John opting for careers as keyboardists rather than pop vocalists. Their music might sound a lot like the music on WildLife, from indie fusion veteran Gary Paul Bryant. Applying the rock energy of artists like Joel, John and Keith Emerson with lighter touches of Jazz and New Age artists like David Arkenstone and David Lanz, Bryant creates a unique blend of rock, pop jazz and world music that’s very unique and appealing.

Thirteen new upbeat instrumentals that cross genres and generations are offered on Gary’s 10th CD. Following on the heels of Big World, Legacy and Imaginary Piano, WildLifedraws on a palette of influence that includes classical, world, rock and jazz.

There’s no question that the outdoors was on Bryant’s mind when he penned these tunes. Each title evokes a unique relationship with his love of the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

The title track WildLife lures you in with a somewhat warm, but tense new-age feel that explodes into jazz fusion within the first 90 seconds. The upbeat and pop rock cut One Cool Squirrel is definitely the most radio friendly tune in the collection whileRaptor Ridge, Burning Hills and Storm on Sucia fuse traditional classical themes with metal rock.

Bryant has seen some success from previous releases. Imaginary Piano, released in May of 2005 included several tracks that still get considerable airplay. Flipside, from Imaginary Piano, went to #3 on the Jazz charts in Australia, while Deliberate Love went to the top 25 on the New Age charts. Big World his last CD release, went to number 1 in the Jazz charts at

Most of Gary’s music is available on CD from a number of outlets including his own web site,, and others. Additionally, nearly all of his tracks are available for iPod and MP3 downloading from his website and other sites including, and Rhapsody.

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