Koko Dozo Designates September 11 As A National Holiday Dedicated To Celebration Of The Living

New York’s Post-Pop duo KOKO DOZO’s members — Amy Douglas and Polarity/1 — remember 9/11 well. P/1 shares a neighborhood with the fallen towers. They remember; and they know that you remember. That day will live on in our nation’s DNA. Death, destruction and the trauma of invasion generate a force of memory that is trivialized by media rituals with solemn speech-making, dazzling graphic design, dramatic background music and the droning subtext of fear and vengeance.

KOKO DOZO also want to point out that national tributes to The Fallen — the rendering of tragedy as fetish — inevitably lead to more death, less freedom and the assurance that healing will never occur. For the past seven years America has celebrated the nightmare of 9/11 with a ceaseless Dance of Death.What has gone unnoticed and unheralded are all of us who have remained alive and who breathe life into the future with wisdom gained from that day. We are not “heroes” and we do not lobby for the construction of monuments to ourselves. We do not inspire insane acts of aggression and repression. We are not sexy ad copy for political campaigns. Living fearlessly is our act of defiance against brutality. That is what ultimately will make us safe and prosperous.

KOKO DOZO proclaims that the daily act of living through tragedy is more worthy of a holiday than death and destruction. We’re alive! And we want to celebrate being alive on September 11. And on every September 11 to follow. Life springs from the living. Creativity springs from the living. Hope and possibility are the natural expression of life in motion.

KOKO DOZO has chosen to perform on 9/11 and they will not request a moment of silence. They want their audience to dance. They want everybody to go out and dance; to remember the dead and celebrate the living. Be alive! It feels good. KOKO DOZO proclaims that it’s ok to feel good. Especially on September 11.